Misc. Observations/Questions 7/1 Raw

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Jul 2, 2013.

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    • Why does only Mark Henry get 'what?' chants, and why does creative not give him a line to shut them up ala Undertaker and his 'say what if you sleep with your sister' line?
    • Also, the Henry promo (for some stretches) was essentially a worked shoot, definitely aimed at smarks.
    • Notice how hard the commentators sold how justified Orton was in RKO'ing Bryan? lol. Basically saying FUCK YOU, NO HEEL TURN!
    • Bryan's character is more tweener than I gave it credit for. His interactions with Kane make him come off like a real asshole a lot of the time
    • Say what you will, but a lot of the Vince/HHH/steph/Vickie stuff was interesting tonight. I especially loved Vince being pissed about Vickie's lack of business sense
    • Why can Jericho take something that should be lame like "Cryback" and make it awesome?
    • How well would you have slept with Raw ending on a Wyatt Family promo when you were a kid?

    • It sucks, but at least he got reactions from one of the worst crowds I've seen in ages. Fuck the casuals chanting what though.
    • Noticed that too, was a great promo.
    • Lol'd
    • He's always been a weird face, but now he is definitely drifting into tweener territory with him acting like an ass to both Randy - one of the most over faces - and Kane. Not a fan of it at all. He's one of the most over faces, keep him that way, retards. This asshole gimmick just makes no sense.
    • Agreed. I'm liking this story.
    • It's Jericho, he's the best in the world at what he does.
    • After seeing AJ's ass, very well.
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