mischief night?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Gav back in the championship, Oct 30, 2013.

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  1. just curious about something in middlesbrough we have mischief night the night before halloween its basically a chavs christmas just wondering if it happens anywhere else in the uk or around the world?
  2. Chav's Xmas? Are they giving out free booze and drugs?
  3. Before you showed up, Chav wasn't a word in my dictionary brother.
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  4. what am I, six years old?
  5. Isn't that from the Crow?
  6. [​IMG] Why dont you go sit down and have some koolaid.
  7. No just simply go around and chuck eggs or bricks at people cars windows ect and throw fireworks at people @Jonathan @Seabs @Crayo does this go down where you live?
  8. It happens occasionally with the fireworks and shit it isn't a thing though just spastics with fire.
  9. Usually involves the last day of term, people being egged and flour poured on them.
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  10. Lol its a yearly tradition in teesside lol surely its just not where i live lol?
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  11. Throwing bricks through people's cars and windows sounds like a dickhead thing to do. I'd be down with going out and pissing on people's dogs and cats, though.
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  12. Lol its how we do it in middlesbrough taxis and buses get the worst of it
  13. Sounds highly retarded either way imo.
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  14. You wanna know the best part? Apparently the police can't do anything according to some
  15. riiiiight

  16. Well that's bullshit of course they can, they don't because our police forces are idiotic. They'd rather catch all the people twocing cars or driving with a busted light. Than you know chasing faggots with guns, knifes and shit. Eggs and flour aren't too bad, childish sure but we've all done childish bullshit at some point fireworks and shit is retarded.
  17. Yes exactly england police force for ya they probably just don't have the numbers to keep up with the number of incidents
  18. Here I am trying to sell Middlesbrough as a nice place and then you come and bring this up lmao. I have heard of it but not in Sunderland.
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  19. Sunderland hasn't discovered cars yet or fireworks or even fire for that matter.
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