Miss is a face now? ::throws up::

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  1. What else have I missed
  2. He gradually turned face last month after he got voted on Foley's team at SS, he had a mini fued with Dolph on ME which was awesome.

    And yeah, here's last night's promo


  3. No thanks on the promo lol. If you have a vid of what DZ did last night that'd be prime.

    Anyhow, any other semi-big turns or happenings i should know about? Probably another 1.5-2 months and I'll get back into wrestling if I were to guess. When is the RR again?
  4. When was the last show you watched? If it was before Survivor Series, Punk only retained the title (at SS) when Ambrose, Rollins and Roman Reigns attacked Ryback, they're now a stable called The Shield. Last night Ziggler jobbed to Cena on a tag team match (with Big Show vs Cena & Sheamus) when Cena hit the AA and Sheamus hit Show with White Noise. At TLC it's Ziggler vs Cena in a Ladder match for the briefcase.
  5. Didn't think you'd be massively bothered :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:

    Just after the 8minute mark Dolph rants at Vickie for the Ladder match for the briefcase vs Cena. http://kushtube.info/dm.php?code=k6v7Y5TqB2PonJ3ADIP

    Plus a tag match here if you're bothered for it:

    End of this part http://kushtube.info/dm.php?code=k2hfzksYozIWbd3ADIp


  6. Shit like this makes me want to never watch wrestling again.

    Why the FUCK would they have a match for the briefcase? In what bizzaro world would ANY FUCKING PERSON EVER agree to risk something so valuable with NOTHING TO GAIN IN RETURN

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  7. CBA about a tag match. That mini segment was OK I guess. If DZ doesn't retain his shit I'll wash my hands of WWE.

    Definitely seems to be hella groundwork laid for DZ to dump VG though finally doe. About damn time
  8. The rumble is in the end of January I think.

    Also on smaller but interesting notes:
    Cesaro (Castagnoli) is booked real strong as US Champ since winning it and has had some great matches. Not to mention deadlifting Brodus "fatass" Clay into a neutralizer (pretty sweet spot)
    Kofi is IC champ again and has stepped up his ring work like nobodies business. Had an awesome 4 match series with the Miz.
    JBL is back full time as commentary for Smackdown, Main Event and PPV's.
  9. What have you missed...
    Nothing really.
  10. 1.) So still no real storylines for mid card titles I'm assuming? Just random challenger appearing and wanting to fight the champ because he's the champ?
    2.) I saw the Brodus Clay/Cesaro finisher. That was a while ago iirc
    3.) Why waste JBL on SD? He should be on Raw and PPVs.
  11. Vince forced Vickie into making the match, it wasn't like "hey let's fight for the briefcase" and then "ok, let me risk something that valuable that I don't have to risk". I'm still a bit uncomfortable with that match though.
  12. 1. His first defenses were random challengers. Then he started a "no american can beat me" thing and R-Truth stepped up. Cesaro beat him at Survivor Series but Truth got a non title win in and they are now in a real feud actually.

    3. JBL said on his blog he wants to do Smackdown because he prefers it over RAW (he's always been a Smackdown guy) and says he can do more good there.
  13. Well, still, it has already happened once against Jericho ffs, so why go to the well again when it absolutely shouldn't have been dipped into even once?

    Vince forcing the match doesn't make it sit any better with me. It'd DZ's briefcase that he won... if he is going to put the thing up for grabs in a match he should have to sign off on it... and protip: he should NEVER sign off on that shit

  14. Well he did defend the briefcase against Jericho, but we knew the outcome.
  15. I didn't watch Raw, but reading about it here, this is the second time Vince has 'forced' Vickie to do something (the first being taking Ryback and Punk out of the elimination match at SS and putting them in a triple threat match with Cena.) It begs the question - what is the point of putting Vickie in a position of power if Vince is just gonna come right in and change things anyway?
  16. Sort of knew the outcome. still a little asschapped that they went the whole "jericho wins at the PPV but loses the next night" route.

    but seriously.

    if DZ loses his contract to Cena I'll never watch WWE again. Book that shit
  17. Hey man, ease up on the whole logic thing. It's like, killing our vibes man.
  18. I agree. The MITB briefcase shouldn't be on the line. It was enough with Jericho indeed.
  19. Summarise recent stuff:

    - Oh and Rollins and a guy called Roman Reigns who's cool. They're in The Shield now, nice stable imo.
    - Cena is out of the main event. Punk has every main event segment now.
    - Ryback feuding with Punk, is over as fuck. Shield are involved though.
    - Ziggler is booked pretty strong now. Pinned Orton clean at SS, won on SmackDown in some match clean. Feuding with Cena now.
    - Vickie Guerrero is GM and it's horrible.
    - Ziggler vs Cena at TLC for his MITB case
    - Sheamus feuding with Show

    Haven't read thread so sorry for repeating everything inevitably. I'm mad as fuck about Dolph defending his case, it makes no sense, but Cena isn't winning so it's okay.
  20. IF Cena wins I'm done with dubya dubya eeeeeee

    forreal doe
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