Miss Tessmacher Talks About Future Plans & More

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  1. On learning the art of wrestling as she goes along: "I watch every Knockouts match I can and some of the guys ones too. I take mental notes and use that knowledge where I can. I learn something new every time and it helps me as a wrestler. The challenge now is to keep up your momentum and climb back up that ladder. We have such a lot of talented girls and I have only a few hundred matches (at most) compared to their thousands. It makes you stay on top of your game and work harder to know that."

    On her future plans in or out of the wrestling business: "I don't know what the future may hold. I do think I'd like to try acting though. Maybe I can get some sexy roles like Carmen Electra does. After I take some acting classes and work hard I'd like to be in a position to do things like Trish Stratus. She has been able to juggle acting with her other business ventures."

    On her wardrobe malfunction during the Brooke Hogan/Bully Ray wedding: "I loved being a part of the Brooke Hogan/Bully Ray wedding, but what you won't know is that whilst I love dressing up and being beautiful on screen, it took me back to my beauty pageant days, but I was also a little bit under dressed that day. When it all kicked off and people got hit, Hulk Hogan fell near me. He landed on my dress and I could not move. I had no undergarments on and I am sure the front row had a great view. I was in these huge heels and my dress was riding up. It was a live recording so all I could do was wriggle and hope Hulk would move a bit. Luckily the cameras never caught it. I do worry someone will put it out online someday though."
  2. :mog: Someone find this video!
  3. First Madison Rayne, now "Don't Call Me Brooke" Tessmacher? Geez, why does TNA have such a problem with panties?

    Wait, so in the same segment we had two chicks named Brooke exposing themselves on national television.
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    Tessmacher draws :obama:
  5. Assmacher wardrobe issue? @"jj seabz" do your job.
  6. Wasn't shown in the live broadcast.
  7. :haha: I wonder if it is secretly on someone's computer, who opens the picture every night and faps to it. Glad to know she does have plans outside of wrestling. Hope everything goes smooth for her....like her secret place I got a pic of :otunga:
  8. :datass: best interview I've read in a long time.
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