Missed Opportunities

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  2. It's a shame that UPN and a lot of other folks couldn't take the heat because I found Muhammad Hassan to be a tremendous character and heat magnet. He was originally booked to challenge Batista for the World Heavyweight Championship at Summerslam that year. Summerslam 2005 took place in Washington D.C., and can you imagine the heat that Muhammad Hassan challenging for (and nearly winning) the WHC in the nation's Capitol would have garnered? Not to mention it was Batista's home turf on top of it. Him winning the strap would have definitely led to the ring being pelted with garbage imo (not that I ever heard any stories of him originally being booked to win the title, just saying.) I wish they could have at least taken the heat for a month longer and preserved Hassan's character till Summerslam so that they could have let Batista kill him off instead of Undertaker the previous month. Oh well. Instead, we ended up with Batista/JBL II. :meh:

    I hear Mark Copani (Hassan's real-life name) is a math or social studies teacher now... I bet teaching school to a bunch of little shits isn't anywhere near as fun as inciting heat with live crowds and people at home.
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  3. It must have been a learning experience for Copani. I imagine it was quite a 'bite in the a**' for him.
    I don't blame him for taking his ball. If people are butt-hurt by a social joke (which has been used in wrestling for years), they can kiss off.
  4. He was booked to win the WHC title. Simon Dean and Davari said that in an RF video shoot.