Missed opportunity?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by alexb, Feb 24, 2016.

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  1. Having absorbed everything that happened Monday night on RAW and having a couple of days to think through things, I sense that WWE may have actually missed out on a golden opportunity regarding Roman Reigns. Now, if someone has already mentioned this, please accept my apologies since I've apparently missed it so, with that being said, bear with me:

    So, as of now, we can all agree that the whole matter regarding Roman Reigns and WWE's effort of getting him over, making him THE face of the company etc. has pretty much turned into a debacle and the way this has progressed, it feels like we are headed towards disaster as far as WM 32 is concerned. I mean, we have the supposidly "bad guy" in HHH receiving big pops and getting all the cheers whereas the supposidly "good guy" is being consantly booed out of every building.

    Now, the issue is not about how we got here (we all pretty much are aware of what went wrong anyway) but how WWE can salvage this situation and turn the tables around in their favor, if that indeed is even possible at this point. Whether WWE like it or not, they are royally fucked at the moment and stuck in a situation where they need to pull off something really big in order to make this happen their way. This brings me to my point...Shane MacMahon.

    There is no doubt that the pop Shane got when his music hit and he showed up was a Steven Austin like, or a Daniel Bryan like or a Rock like pop, litterally blowing off the roof (I personally had chills just watching the entire crowd go bananas and I'm pretty sure you guys did as well). In order to understand how big the reaction was, the MacMahon's in the ring were forced to silence mode for like 3-4 minutes just letting the crowd go at it; just incredible and certainly a memorable moment overall.

    So the story we were told is that Shane wants to take control of RAW for the reasons he explained (which we all agree with I'm sure) and, oh what a surprise, Vince is all ok about it...as long as he wins one match and, well, you know the rest.

    Now, Shane vs The Undertaker is certainly an intruiging idea but one would have to think that there's a lot of weirdness in it as well. I mean, since when does Vince control the Undertaker? And does this mean the Undertaker is now a heel?

    Regardless, my point here is that instead of Shane having a match against the Undertaker, what if this "taking control of RAW" was inserted into the main event? You would have HHH with Vince and Stephanie obviously on his corner and then Roman Reigns with Shane in his corner and with the stakes as high as they can get. Not only would HHH and Roman be competing for the title, but the future of RAW would also be on the line and, you know the drill, if Roman wins, he becomes the new champion and Shane takes over RAW etc. If this were the case, wouldn't the crowd get behind Roman Reigns?

    If the crowd is behind Shane almost 100% (which they are), wouldn't that lead to them getting behind Roman Reigns as well? Why not use that momentum and shift it? Granted, perhaps WWE themselves may not have felt that Shane would get such a reaction but the way I see it, they had to expect it cause we all loved and love Shane.

    So, bottom line, is this is a golden opportunity wasted by WWE in order to turn things around with Roman Reigns in their favor?
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  2. I agree I literially said the same thing during the live discussion. I thought for sure that Shane was going to be in Romans corner if they won Shane would get Raw and Roman gets the title. It would guarantee a massive pop for Roman. I think the reason they didn't go with that it because Shane is going to lose against the Undertaker and the storyline will end there. I believe Shane is back just to hype up Mania and beef up the match card. I think he has no reason or motivation to stay in WWE for the long haul and will go back to his business elsewhere
  3. There's still that chance that Undertaker will refuse to fight for Vince and what you are saying will most likely happen in that case. I agree that would definitely change the importance of the match and the reaction towards Roman.

    Good post.
  4. I think what also might happen is that Undertaker may align himself with Shane and then Vince will put them against the Wyatts. Lame as fuck, but I could surely see it.
  5. Who's to say that this can't happen? We have 5 Raws to go till WM. A lot happens between Fast Lane and WM every year. I think it is a great idea though. I still say that Undertaker will return and this Shane vs Taker match wont happen. Shane don't look like he is in shape to be in a match with Undertaker. He goes hard every WM because it is his ONE MATCH. I know he has had some last year after but come on. They shoulda had a fued with Kane and Taker going.

    I think the original plan was to have Cena vs Taker and Cena go heel. I am still hoping for it but I don't think Cena will heal in 5 weeks and also, this Shane vs Taker was kind of a "insert here in case" because Vince is giving Cena the benefit of the doubt.
  6. This would not work at all. This is the same method they have been using on Roman since this entire debacle started, having him attached to a more cheered act in order to leach reactions. It didn't work with Ambrose and it isn't going to work with Shane if they try it.
    Shane being over would not make Roman over by proxy. The part of the fanbase that boos Roman is not that stupid.
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  7. Reigns vs HHH will be good, but the Mania crowd will eat Reigns alive. They will turn him heel. And if Vince continues to ignore all the negative reaction even then, then I don't know what to say, other than he's stubborn and dumb as fuck.

    Heel Roman Empire being the champ till SummerSlam of 2016 where either Rollins or Ambrose win it is best for business.

    Also... As I've said before Shane-O Mac vs Taker is a mad idea and right now, positioning Taker as a heel in Texas is incredibly bold.

    But, there are a lot of ways this could go and perhaps Shane-O and Taker won''t end up fighting each other at all, maybe Cena replaces Shane, maybe Taker decides to side with Shane and Vince brings in someone else. We'll see... I'm lookin' forward to next week's RAW.
  8. I think if they do follow through with Shane vs taker, which they most likely won't do, Shane and taker will both be faces. Taker doesn't "have" to be heel here. 2 men will fight and be faces, much like when cena and rock fought
  9. Good post Alex. Stopspot summed up my reply, so I'll just add "The best thing they did to Roman vs HHH was get it out of the main event" and carry on there...

    But did anyone notice Triple H doing those crotch chops to Roman and playing to the crowd during a heel beat down? Triple H knows better than to do that under normal circumstances. He's not stupid, he knows what's up... He knows he's the babyface going into this...

    This will deliver, and I'm not sure how much the crowd will hate on Roman during his comeback. They may bury him winning the belt, at least they can send the crowd home happy now.
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  10. Also don't bring back Cena for this. Fuck outta here with that
  11. First off, I appreciate the feedback and, no doubt, some really good points made from you guys.

    Just to clarify some things, don't get me wrong, Roman turning heel should have happened already a long time ago; he's been getting booed out of buildings hard anyway so why not just make it all natural? But, of course, no, WWE are too stubborn to see it and continue to force a face Roman upon us whether we like it or not. And as if that's not bad enough, their booking of Roman is even more abismal that instead of making him look good in order to maybe change our minds and look at him in a possitive way, over the past couple of months they've the done the exact opposite.

    It was just a few months ago, wasn't it? Remember TLC? The RAW the night after? For a few nights at least, Roman was receiving good reactions. What happened ever since? Well, shitty booking is what happened so WWE have noone to blame but themselves.

    If WWE are still keen to stick to their plan and make Roman the face of the company, well, they ought to come up with something big soon cause otherwise it is inevitable that Roman will get booed by over 100K people in Dallas, turning the biggest Mania ever to the biggest disaster ever.

    I'm not saying the idea in the opening post is the best solution and I certainly agree with Stopsot that fans ain't stupid but I do insist feeling that WWE may have missed out on a good opportunity to turn things around in their favor by capitalizing on Shane's momentum.

    Well, at least this whole situation has got us talking so I guess there's some possitive in this whole mess and we''ll just have to wait and see how things progress...
  12. Yeah, that was really bold from HHH and of course he knows what he's doing. He'd never get booed by doing it and come to think of it, it's actually the second time cause he also did it during the Rumble after eliminating Roman.
  13. They arent going to turn Roman heel is they are doing it to Cena.

    His sales are at an all time low, he hasn't been active in like 8 months. Now is the time to pull the trigger for Cena if they were ever going to do it and having Roman be a face for this, it is a must.
  14. Who can TL;DR me. So many paragraphs from a mark.
  15. -Shane in Roman's corner
    -Steph & Vince in HHH's corner
    -Aids is a douche-bag
  16. Shane in Roman's corner sounds like dog shit.

    Go Ziggler, push the fucker to the moon (and i'm not kidding) and I'm not a douche-bag i'm a bag of douche. Get it right, get it tight.
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  17. King of Douches!
  18. King Douche. So nice they named me twice.
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  19. I can see Vince seeing Heel Cena/Roman the same way as the Stinger. Remember when he said "He's a special attraction, he can't appear all the time or else he won't be special any more". Yeah no shit

    But Cena draws as a heel, whenever he's positioned as such it's worked spectacularly. Fans flocked to Summerslam 2014 to watch him eat that Lesnar asswhoopin'. Rock vs Cena drew on its own because of that. Summerslam 2013, as Daniel Bryan got his big break. MITB 2011, need I say more? And even the Cena Open Challenges this year he was essentially the " heel" from a sports sense. All these things were special because of it, because Cena was the best heel of this generation... Maybe that's why they think creating a new Cena isn't the worst thing in the world, but... We'll see how that works, with a bag of pretzels nearby to sit and watch the dumpster light on fire.
  20. 2 months = 8 months? Last time I checked Cena went out in late December/early January, not June
    As for Cena's merch sales? They are still strong. But obviously they dip when he isn't on TV. The moment big John shwos up on TV again they will rocket back up
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