Missed RAW's Last 30 Minutes...

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Nice Person, Feb 28, 2014.

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  1. Soo, did The Undertaker show up and challenge Lesner to a matct at WM 30? Thoughts?
  2. It was pretty boring honestly. We get a Lesnar promo starring Paul Heyman that wasn't great. Then Taker came out to his usual boring return, didn't say shit and chokeslammed Bork Lazer through a table and then like stared longingly at the WM 30 sign. I wanted Big Evil or ABA taker. Deadman is stale.

    Who else wants Bork to end the streak???? Come on babyyyyyyy!

  3. Although Taker's return was typical and the same, I felt it was good. The crowd loved it. When Brock and Taker stood face to face, it felt epic; like 2 alpha males standing toe to toe. It got better when Brock took the pen and smashed it on Undertaker's chest. You could hear the crowd saying "ooooooooooo!!!!" as if they knew Undertaker was going to beat his ass. Him stabbing Brock with the pen and chokeslamming him solidified that Taker doesn't deal with bs and he doesn't care who the hell you are. He kicks ass and takes names and will do anything to make his point known. Taker is a legend....I loved it.
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