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    So after Raw Monday night, Austin Carr's (a former Cavs player) retired jersey (banner) went missing.
    They are supposedly blaming one of the wrestlers but as of now it is on the hush hush so not much is known about what is going on.


    I can't see it being a wrestler but maybe someone that works behind the scenes?
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    Oooooh.... WWE is having too much drama.
  3. It's Cleveland NO ONE CARES :angry:

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  4. No you're not! :lol1:
  5. DAMN RIGHT! I was being nice :angry:
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  7. Who cares about Austin Carr?
  8. :mad2:

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  9. was his jersey # 00? Maybe Miz will be wearing it on next weeks RAW, that would be deemed as heat worthy, in Ohio...maybe.
  10. Nah it's #34
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  11. It was Ryder trying to get attention.
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  12. LOL'd at this :dawg:
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  13. The janitor probably threw it out with all the other trash.

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  14. :senhor::senhor::senhor:
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  15. :damn:
  16. Was probably Miz, Dolph or Ambrose. Only guys on the roster who'd care.
  17. Was probably one of the thousands of hoodrats that live in the rathole known as Cleveland :emoji_slight_smile:
    It's pretty funny though.
  18. I'm no hoodrat!
  19. and I hate Sin Cara.
  20. HEY, NO! Cleveland has some nice people...Okay., some decent people... FINE! Average American arseholes. :lol1:
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