Mistico / Sin Cara

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  1. Many people aren't aware of much of Sin Cara except from the WWE however if you look to his work as Mistico you'll see the reason to the hype WWE threw behind him.

    A personal faviorite in this match vs Tiger mask the ability he has to fly through the air is unmatched imo.

    This was a big feud in the cmll promotion a great match.

    This match may be of paticular interest to any wwe fans as Averno has apparently signed with WWE and should feud with Cara when he returns from his injury. Hopefully they are allowed to go at least 50% of the tempo of this match.

    Hope someone found this interesting. :blush:
  2. Averno hasn't signed for WWE. Sorry to burst your bubble :3
  3. I thought he signed in november? Well it was reported to be very close at the time. Plus he lost his mask so I can't see him agreeing to do that without a move being in the works tbh. I know it's not the best sources but according to the observer :

    More of the same regarding luchador Averno finally coming to WWE. Averno recently lost his one singles title with the CMLL promotion in Mexico, which immediately started the talk up of him leaving for the WWE roster.

    Averno's WWE debut faces another roadblock this time as Sin Cara is injured and out of action until some time in 2012. The upside for Averno is that WWE may bring him up now to feud with Hunico, Epico and Primo since Cara is out.
  4. Mistico has had a horrible start to his WWE career so far, feel so sorry for him. Couple of botches here and there, suspended, and then a bad bad injury. Hope he returns though, he got incredibly over until they had that horrible sin cara vs sin cara feud, knocked all momentum off of him.

    Another great post here btw :emoji_slight_smile:
  5. Thanks yeah he has been really unlucky it must be the white suit lol. He wore it at MITB and got written off for the suspension he wears at survivor series and buggers his knee up.
  6. Lmao HHH must be pissed. He brought him in, and Kharma. One's having a baby, one's been suspended and injured already.