MITB 100% legit finish

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  1. I heard from sources in the back that this is a possibility while it may also not be.

    Towards the end of the match everyone will be laid out on the mat. As the final seconds pass, Bray Wyatt is going to climb the ladder and attempt to win the match. Cesaro will come in, but eat a Sister Abigal and get thrown out. After a few ladder hits, Wyatt will once again be in the ring alone. He'll climb the ladder and reach for the WWE Championship, but soon Daniel Bryan comes out! Daniel pushes Wyatt off into the crowd and lands on a baby. Daniel then climbs the ladder until...

    Show Spoiler

    Ron Simmons returns! He comes out and pushes Daniel Bryan off then gets the championships! The night ends with Simmons celebrating as the new WWE Champion and everyone else is fired.

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  2. That's quite the way to troll, buddy. lol
  3. I'd mark out more if JBL got up from the commentary table and pulled the same stunt (which would mark the first time he's held the championship in over nine years.) Maybe do a double swerve by still making it look like Simmons is gonna win it, only for JBL to tip over the ladder and betray his former partner at the last moment. This is where you then build up to a Wrestlemania XXXI clash between them for the title inside a steel cage, aptly named "Age In The Cage."
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  4. :damn:
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  5. I <3 u fooqy booty. Fantastic booking.
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  6. Why is this closed?
  8. This is to real to even be WWE related. Success is coming faster than a Pikachu using quick attack.
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  9. Please stop typing like a 5 year old.
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  11. Thought you closed it bby seabs
  12. To quote Shaggy - " It wasn't me" if I did do it then I didn't mean to. @Stopspot @Senhor Perfect either of you close this?
  13. Farooq and Colin Delaney should feud over the belt till WM31 IMO.
  14. Trying to silence the black man.
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  15. [QUOTE: ghost., post: 857334, member: 2378"]Trying to silence the black man.[/QUOTE]
    But jews
  16. *hides all the money I get from TV stations* DONT LISTEN TO THAT EUROFAG!!
  17. :nope: Farooq screwed Farooq
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  18. Selfcest is pretty dope. Don't knock it till you try it
  19. That's my job. :tough:
  20. :true:
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