MITB All-star MVP

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  1. CM Punk

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  2. RVD

  3. Sheamus

  4. Christian

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  5. Daniel Bryan

  6. Randy Orton

  1. No, it's Most Valuable Player, not Montel Vive.. You know.
    IMHO, as much as I don't like it, it was Sheamus. He was there the whole match, and surprisingly he was the most vigorous of them all. Nice one, "fella".
    The worst one would have to be Christian. He seriously did nothing. There were parts where I forgot he was in the match.
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  2. I agree. Sheamus was pretty fucking good in that match actually.
  3. There wasn't many outstanding moments but I loved the RKO from the ladder, so I'll say Randy.
  4. Cody Rhodes isn't on there, because?

  5. He wasn't in the All Star MITB, silly.
  6. Oh shiiiet, read this thread wrong. My bad guys.

    You can whip me now :okay:
  7. Sheamus stood in there for a long time, he didn't take extremely long breaks out of the ring and even after that nasty spill on the later he kept fighting. I don't like Sheamus as far as his persona goes, but he did pretty good in that match.
  8. Oh nice idea. Make one for WHC MITB too. I voted Sheamus as well for this.
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  10. Sheamus for no selling a ladder, chipping Christians tooth and stiffing everyone.
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  11. Sheamus sucks

  12. [​IMG]
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  13. Sheamus was on fire that night. He got a lot of spots and looked aggressive. So yeah, goes to Sheamus
  14. Sheamus REALLY sucks
  15. That moment when I thought Daniel Bryan may win... :fap:
  16. The Celtic Warrior gets my vote
  17. In that match (counting nothing else) I have to say RVD was the MVP.. he was involved in the most altercations/action and got lots of pop multiple times
  18. His character? Yes. In ring? Not so much
  19. Credit has to be given when credit is due, so Sheamus will get my vote.
  20. Wow sheamus over [​IMG]
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