MITB briefcase? What is going on?

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  1. As I state in the thread title. DZ had had the MITB bank case for ages now. He has had two attempted cash ins that didn't count as cash ins due to technicalities in the rules. But what is going on? Seems to me like they aren't as big on DZ at the min as they once were. Is this my imagination? Is he going to fail a cash in? Or are we gonna mark at WM when he successfully cashes in on Swagger or ADR?
  2. He'll win, but he's waiting for the exact moment to cash in.
  3. He's going to cash in, if they weren't high on him he wouldn't be losing every week and have AJ/Big E with him :lol1:

    But seriously, cashes in at Mania or possibly MITB this year? That'd be unique.
  4. See I dunno I thought they were high on him when they split him from Vickie. Just feel like the AJ/Big E situation has diminished his momentum. The losses don't matter to me I get that they can help put people over and he has looked good I dunno I just don't feel like the WWE are as high on him as they were. I could be wrong I just have a bad feeling.
  5. Could he win another??
  6. Wish Ziggler was not booked as a chickenshit heel, would love to see him cash it in and say he wants the match to be a triple threat match would be so much more interesting
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  7. I'd like to see Ziggler cash in on Swagger. to do a Feud with him.
  8. It's obvious they have no real future plans for him. They have him feud with Cena and even have AJ betray Cena for Ziggler, but then he jobs and goes back to the same position he was in before, only now he has AJ and Big E at his side. Now he's fighting for the tag titles at Wrestlemania in a thrown together match that seems like the average Raw match. They probably wish he wasn't even carrying the briefcase.

    If he does cash in and win the title, he probably won't keep it more than a couple of months.
  9. Creative: "Holy shit, we have this guy who can sell like hell who's going to be champion one day! The championship's clearly going to make him credible, so you know what that means..."

    "FREE JOB FODDER! :yay: "
  10. I think it's garbage how they have treated him in all honesty. Consistently has the best RAW match every week and has a great sidekick in AJ. If they dont use him correctly it'l be one of the biggest missed opportunities in the last decade or so. He's that good.
  11. Sadly a case of lost in the mania shuffle. Though they seem to have salvaged it with the tag match. Bryan and Ziggler in the ring has potential to steal the show. AJ being there will set up Hell no losing the belts dirty which sets up a potential world title feud between Bryan and Ziggler and Ziggler/Kane later down the road.
  12. Firstly wooooo first time ive had a thread hit two pages. Second I see him getting lost as I do a few guys who should be doing more at WM and overall in WWE. This is a case where all the returns arent possibly for me the greatest idea.
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