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  1. I'm sure we've had a similar thread before but I can't find it for the life of me, anyway I was just thinking what would be an original way to cash in the briefcase? One I've thought of would be to have a face and a heel in a world title match, the face would be on a slow burn towards a world title reign, let's use Kofi as an example and the heel ( just say it's ADR) would be constantly sliming out of matches, pulling out the wins via various means including DQs, this would set up the final match between Kofi and ADR with a no disqualification stip. The ending of the match would be Kofi finally hitting the trouble in paradise, looking like he's going to get the pin, he goes for the cover and gets a 2 count until the briefcase holder runs out and pulls Kofi off the cover throwing him into the ring post. Mr MITB cashes in as it is a match at any place at any time of their choice making it technically a triple threat, then pinning ADR to win the title. This would bring back some unpredictability to the cash ins, sets up more sympathy for the face and gives the new champion some heat as he cost the face his moment. Obviously the participants can and would probably be different.

    Anyone else have any ideas of how to do an unpredictable cash in?
  2. I'm liking that idea, it adds a more desperate but risky vibe to it. Though it's still the typical coward heel cheap win scenario, which is hard to escape in MITB.

    My idea was to have the MITB winner be the corporate superstar of a mega-heel corporate stable. Let's again use Barrett as an example. John Cena vs CM Punk in a title match, John Cena is feuding with let's say ADR outside of his title feud with Punk. ADR runs down, distracts Cena and Punk hits the GTS. Out of the crowd pops Barrett and he destroys CM Punk but puts him on Cena to pin him Cena after ADR has finished his beat down. Yeah, he doesn't cash in the briefcase, he just holds it in the air after both Cena and CM Punk are dead on the floor.

    Why wouldn't he cash it in? Well, after holding it in the air you hear Vince McMahons music hit. He walks to the ring after Barrett cuts a promo about the bigger picture (revamping this shit ftw). Vince doesn't speak, he gets interrupted by HHH. Who in turn gets interrupted by Stepahnie McMahon. They stand in the ring together - people are confused as fuck - they lift Barrett up and Barret's music ends the PPV. Yes, corporate heel group ftw. Vince/HHH use their power to manipulate Barrett into numerous title chances and Barrett wins. The MITB case gets completely forgotten about until face X finally beats Barrett, they revamp the case and Barrett wins it back. Something original like that. It's a clusterfuck since I've left so many out, but basically, they use it as a reserve chance for Barrett to win the title back after everyone's pleased he FINALLY (after a long reign) drops it to X.
  3. I like your ideas. Seabs' idea would have an upside, where the feud between Mr. MITB and the face wouldn't be just "you had title, I wanted title" or something like that. The heel would've cost him the world title when he could've attacked him after he won it, he just wanted to deprive the face of his big moment. I really like it. Crayo's is also different from the default story, with the briefcase being a back up plan. Great.
  4. First part is exactly what Daniel Bryan did and was lame as hell.
  5. No it isn't Bryan cashed in after Show had beaten Henry.
  6. When he got his championship.. he dodged matches..
  7. So does every heel, it's a simple tactic which is a trait of the cowardly heel. One heel does something, then it shouldn't be repeated?
  8. My idea is similar to Crayo's (the briefcase being a backup plan), except without a stable. They hold a battle royal or a tournament to determine the no #1 contender for the belt, and whoever won MITB wins it and gets a title shot at the PPV. Right when he is about to lose, or right after he does lose, he takes a chair and gets himself DQed by beating the champion down big time. Then, he cashes in his MITB briefcase and pins the champion and wins it. His strategy is one of trying to win the belt without cashing in the briefcase, but when that fails or looks like it's about to, he whacks the guy with a steel chair (after having already made him wrestle a full length match and tiring him out anyway) because he can get another match right away using the MITB briefcase as a backup plan.

    Obviously, this plan only works if the MITB winner is a heel. (It could also work to actually turn someone heel.)
  9. Name one other heel that dodged matches quite like D-Bry, and yeah Seabs, I do think WWE should stop using the same tactics... It's really getting boring when we have the same storyline probably twice a year.. Take CM Punk and Cena for example..
  10. One other? How long did Miz duck matches whilst WWE champion? He was always throwing A-Ry in there, or how about Orton with the legacy? There is a difference between a storyline and a trait, you do know this right? It's a simple tactic to build heat, by deliberately getting yourself DQ'd, which was one of the examples I listed, Batista did it in his match with Cena before WM, Orton did it before his match with Hardy at RR 2008.
  11. Coward heels have been around for years Ryback lol.
  12. LIES Bryan was the first ever obviously!
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  13. ASHLEY PUNK WAS, BITW :pipebomb:
  14. I honestly think this year will be the year that the first ever person fails to cash in.
  15. It would be nice, especially if it was Cena.
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