MitB contract usage rules?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Trip in the Head, Aug 16, 2013.

  1. I'm just curious. These can be used at ANY time right? Does that mean they could interrupt a current ongoing match? Not that it would make much sense story-wise (maybe someday). Just wondering.
  2. well with wwe that change the rules everyone years so maybe? I mean back in the day before 1995 the Royal R. that was no soach rule that both 2 feet had to touch the floor. Then HBK who was sopost to win that Royal R. 1 of his 2 feet did touch the floor but not the other so he can back in and won the match. Then after that for on then that have been saying both feet half to touch floor. I just reapling watch Royal R. 1998 and stone cold who won it was in today WWE would have lose the RR matchs as he was threw out of the ring by the rock. But JR said that b/c he was threw over the 2nd rope not the top rope stone cold was not out of the matchs. which is BS in today WWE! but acouse wwe it will not tell people that.
  3. Yeah, I notice the rules change depending on the day. Like on Raw this week when Fandango was eliminated by RTruth, then Fandango slides back in the ring and eliminates RTruth.
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