MITB > IC... Basically, its the new mid card title

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  1. We often wonder what happened to the Intercontinental title. All the great workers had it and more than not they were seen as second in line.

    My proposal is simple... axe both mid-card belts in favor of the briefcase. The briefcase is cooler and leads far more discussion than the tard belts do at this point.

    MiTB does its job by creating and getting over talent transitioning to the main event. Instead creating replicas of the tard belts, just shoot out replicas of the briefcase. Win-win

    The only downside is that the briefcase isn't traditionally defended, but this could easily be worked out.....or not (as if guys like Kofi truly make a dent)
  2. How would that work? Have one guy at any time getting a chance at a championship basically? It doesn't feel special that way and it will get old quickly having the championship switching time after time after time.
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  3. I don't think it'd work very well.
  4. If it was me I'd scrap the US title, revive the cruiserweight division and have it so if you're IC champion for a year you get a world title match. That way the IC title separates itself from the cruiserweight title (already does anyway though). I would them scrap the MITB PPV and have the MITB at Wrestlemania where it belongs.

    Why the IC title one-year rule? The IC title was always a title where you knew the current holder will eventually be a main eventer, it helped establish them and push them on the crowd gradually. One year reigns gives you time to see if the star is capable of main eventing, capable of putting on great matches consistently, helps you build trust in him, helps get him over and makes people start to care about that title again.
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  5. I don't think it would get any older than the system we have in place

    The briefcase would be challenged for, not impromptu (not anytime, anywhere deal)

    In terms of it being special, I think WWE gave that rite of passage up years ago. Nothing is sacred with them anymore

    MiTB is the proverbial #1 contender, I'm not saying the WHC/WWE title system changes in anyway.

    This is merely a suggestion and your criticisms are not only welcome but encouraged
  6. I'm not agreeing with the IC title 1 year rule.

    I mean, would it be too long of a timeframe? I say 6 months will be perfect
  7. 6 month reign isn't really that long though, WWE apparently want long reigns, and we don't want EVERY IC champion winning that reward and having a world title match now do we? I think 1 year is perfect.
  8. Sounds like something Austin Aries did.:aries:
  9. Now I get it. It's a publicized clause. :upset:

    Then a year would be totally perfect.
  10. I like Crayo's idea it's just WWE don'tknow how to run it.

    Defo agree with bringing back cruiserweight as it's stupid having no belt for the smaller guys to compete for, so then having them stuck in the mid card. The crusierweight division used to be a good way also to help build up to a ME on PPV due to the high spot nature of the talent fuelling the crowd and sending them into a frenzy.
  11. Yeah, I can see Crayo's proposal having legs... especially since the briefcase ceases to exist once its cashed in...

    I enjoy the constructive criticism but its clearly the briefcase has more value than the tard belts by a country mile

    It will great if Triple H can find some way to bridge the gap in the next few years
  12. Nope not the case at all. MITB does hold greater value than the IC or US title, but that doesn't mean that the championships should be axed because of it. In fact I would dedicate more time into developing storylines for those titles. I don't think there has been one single solid storyline for a mid card title in a long time. For the most part there's been just matches, no drama, which isn't a bad thing, but it lacks interest.
  13. MITB rightfully is the bigger thing to hold, it should be, that's not a bad thing. If it was once a year then winning that basically means you're a future main eventer. The IC title having a one-year-cash-in would be great. It would establish itself as the 2nd biggest title and it opens up many opportunities.
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