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  1. I was out on a 7 miler when I was thinking about Wrestlemania this year and how Seth Rollins cashed in the title, not only making him the first to do it at wrestlemania but also the first one to do it during a match making him just getting added on to the bout.

    Then this idea struck me with Sheamus which can give the crowd a big shocker, which is why this is tagged as spoiler if it does happen.

    With the possibility of the MiTB holder allowed to cash in midway through a current bout with the champion involved, doesn't that mean it should be able to happen during a non-title match too? How about this, the current WWE champion, is in a non title match on Raw when Sheamus comes out and cashes in during the match, since the current bout never ended, how about the referee calls the match now a triple threat match for the WWEWHC? Then to a shocker, not Sheamus, not the current champ, but the third competitor, who was originally was facing the champion in a non title match makes away with the belt. Leaving the former champ stunned and Sheamus shocked that he used his breifcase and it helped another Superstar win the championship.

    What do you guys think of that idea? Puts a good plot twist on things and I just can't see Sheamus with the World title again... Rollins' cash in made me realize this could be possible.
  2. It would be a nice twist but I see wwe putting the strap on sheamus sometime next year and prob having a small feud Brock or something.

    I would love this scenario because I hate sheamus but I don't see it happening.
  3. Looking beyond Sheamus as the MITB briefcase holder (since I think Sheamus is a pretty good wrestler), this would be an interesting way to go about a cash-in. It would be a great scenario for a smaller guy who'd really gotten over in NXT. For example, if there was a non-title match between Rollins/Cena/etc. against a guy like Neville/Zayn/Itami/Balor and have the MITB holder come out and cash-in but have that newer guy be the one who gets the victory. I can definitely see it working and being entertaining.

  4. Really interesting idea, Why can I see John Cena being the third competitor? :psycho:
  5. oh fuck no... please no... for god sakes may it be Ambrose
  6. I think I can see Sheamo cashing in on Cena (assuming he wins the rematch at Night of Champions) and then we'll have the most boring feud through the end of the year.
  7. Then I hope brock steps in at the end of the year and kills both of them.
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  8. :21-1:

    I approve.
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