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After the events of Yuri Williamson vs Aaron Leon, the ring now contains a table with 4 chairs seated around it, a contract lays on the middle of the table, the contract for the Money in the Bank ladder match. The general manager, Trent Kingsley, is already positioned in the ring, standing in front of the table.

"In terms of Precision, this is the second Money in the Bank ladder match that we have held. Last year, the winner was Will Neilson, who is now the Precision World Heavyweight Champion, and even used that very briefcase to cash in and therefore win the title at Hell in a Cell. In that briefcase holds a contract to a Precision World Heavyweight Championship match, any time, any place. I would like to introduce the participants one by one, and first.. please welcome the former Precision Champion, Mr. Jack Rogue."

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First RWK Euro Champion

*The crowd explodes into cheers for the former Precision Champion, Jack Rogue, who emerges from behind the LED board with an optimistic smile on his face. He walks to either side of the stage to hype up the crowd before running with his usual bounding strides to the ring. He slides under the bottom rope and springs back to his feet to shake hands with Trent Kingsley, before standing on the nearby middle rope to play to the crowd some more. As his music begins to face, Jack takes a seat at the signing table and picks up the microphone placed there for him*

Jack: Ladies and gentlemen of Cincinnati, Ohio!

*A loud, fun cheap pop rings out, causing Rogue’s grin to widen*

Jack: Well, earlier tonight you all finally heard the completed line-up for the Money In The Bank ladder match. It will be me, Antonio “Anarchy” Stark, “The Amazing Classic” Chris Young, and “The Man That Tapped Out To Jack Rogue In His Debut”, Kyle Rayner. Speaking of the second bounty hunter to enter Precision in the last few months, he had some unsavoury things to say about me earlier on tonight. Kyle, you went on about how you had the ascendancy for a lot of that match and that’s true, even if it’s to be expected when you had every opportunity to plan your attack from when my open challenge was announced while I had about as long to prepare as it took you to walk down the ramp. Yet despite that advantage, you tapped out to the Bridge to Victory and gave me some of the momentum that is going to propel me to the Money In The Bank briefcase next week. Inevitably, you had 1001 excuses as to why that was intentional, acceptable and irrelevant, but that’s not how I see it. You can claim now that you tapped out so you couldn’t get hurt, not because you couldn’t bear the pain but suffice to say that’s not how it sounded to me at the time. You can claim that you’ll be around forever because you can pick your battles but guess what – you’re in the wrong business. This is professional wrestling and that means that a) you’re here to be a professional, not run from fights like a bitch, and b) you’ll be here for only as long as you’re relevant, so unless you want to lose your delusions of a very wealthy future real quick you’d better rethink that whole thing about disregarding wins and losses. I used to lose a lot, but at least I was man enough not to make excuses.

Jack: Then, somehow, Antonio Stark made it into this match. He earned it by beating Lyle Bronson, the same guy I submitted earlier tonight. Now – no offence, Mr Kingsley – but I am bewildered as to how and why that was a qualifying match. Mr Stark is perhaps the only person in the entire history of this company to achieve less than The Anarchist, his dad, did. That man with a title shot briefcase is death to this company, and for that reason, you had better believe that I will not let it happen. I’ve committed my crimes against this company and now I’m committed to protecting it from others. As for Chris Young, I have plenty of respect for him. A true veteran of this business and this company, the winner of the last Money In The Bank match in Sony Storm - a briefcase he never got the chance to cash in. He is the man I’m most concerned about in this match; he’s the man I’ve got my eyes on, especially after he pinned me in this ring three weeks ago. But I refuse to lose again. I’ll show that losing the Precision Championship was a blip and not the start of a downward spiral; I’ll prove that I am a main event talent and the man to lead Precision because – despite adversity – I have been and will again be the best wrestler in the world.

*With that, Rogue puts the microphone on the table and signs the contract. Before Kingsley can announce who is due to enter next, the music of Antonio Stark causes vociferous boos to fill the arena*
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The Anarchist

The Artiste

*The music of Antonio Stark plays around the arena, and he walks out in casual attire, a black hoodie, blue jeans and some old trainers, a smirk on his face. Antonio reaches the apron and looks up towards Jack Rogue, he climbs into the ring and grabs a microphone off of the desk.*

"Oh, the great Jack Rogue. How far you have fallen. Precision Champion no more, and the only wins you can seem to get are those against people like Lyle Bronson. If you haven't tuned into Precision these last few weeks, then you will have missed me defeating Lyle Bronson, and earning my spot in this match. You disrespect my father, and what both of us have achieved in this business, it's real petty Jack. Regardless of how I got here, there is one simple conclusion that I can draw from this equation. Antonio Stark climbs the ladder, he reaches up, and unhooks the Money in the Bank briefcase, then, he cashes in that same briefcase, and becomes the World champion. Sounds cool to you?"

*More boos rain down on Antonio Stark, he looks over towards Trent Kingsley, and grabs the contract off of the table.*

"Everyone in this match, and everyone backstage aren't ready for my wrath and what this victory will mean to me. I will restore faith and honour to my family name, and you people will be the ones begging for forgiveness when I have the World championship around my waist. Jack, you don't scare me, all these accomplishments mean nothing to me, you may be the ultimate underdog, but I'm the ultimate opportunist. I take my chances when they are placed in front of me, and I take them for the benefit of my own career. Chris, the so called "Amazing" one, you got into this match because you beat him *points at Jack Rogue* and the GM *points at Trent Kingsley* felt bad that you lost to the World champ. Kyle, you tapped out to him *points at Rogue again* and I don't need to spare you any of my time."

*Antonio signs the contract, and drops it down on the table. He goes to speak again but is interrupted by Chris Young's theme.*


The Lunatic Fringe
Rising Star
*Chris Young walks out in an open collar suit and a 3-way flag(Ireland, Canada, and the US) draped over his back and behind him is Frank Kanyon, Lilith, and Ashley Young and a 4th man. Young removes the flag before entering the ring and the 4th member of his entourage takes it. Everyone stays outside of the ring as Chris enters the ring. He stares down both men before picking up a microphone. He holds up the microphone to get a reaction from the crowd before speaking. *

Chris: Guys, Guys is this all needed? Jack, I respect you and Antonio who the bloody hell are you?
Ah, I remember I kicked your ass last year around the same time I won Money in the bank. But I'm not going to dread on the past, I'm going to look to the future and I'm going look to climbing that ladder once again.
I'm going do this for everyone who bought a ticket and do you know why? Because I’m a wrestler…. I Am a wrestler, That’s what I do and that’s who I Am and believe me when I say that I've sacrificed everything in this business, But everything I have good in my life is because of wrestling. But I'm not only a wrestler...I'm a fighter. I'm taking this match and I'm going to fight like it's my last!

*Chris stops and removes his jacket and shirt to show he is wearing a Chris Young themed affliction styled t-shirt. He smiles and starts to step around the ring with the mic raised up.*

Chris: Let me paint a picture for everyone. You see, I was the guy, I was the kid that said I wanted to be a wrestler and that it was my dream. People laughed at me and said “You’ll never be a wrestler.” well I proved them wrong. Then they said, “Sure, you became a wrestler, But you’ll never make it to the top.” Well, Once again I proved them wrong. Here I stand a former champion and the first time I held a championship. I stood there holding that shiny gold belt with tears in my eyes and right there the long and twisting roads. All the 20-hour drives.Every time I had to sleep on a hard floor or in a car because I could not afford a hotel room. Every time I ate out of a tin of SPAM because I could not afford a meal. Are made worthwhile. Now, I'm going to walk out to that arena and make my point again why I'm called The Amazing One and why I'm The Amazing Classic.

*Chris signs the contract and Truns to Jack and steps closer to him. But before he could speak he interrupted by Kyle Rayner's ,music *
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Helo, dwi'n Gymry!

With Jack Rogue, Antonio "Anarchy" Stark and Chris "The Amazing Classic" Young already in the ring, awaiting the arrival of the fourth and final participant in the Money In The Bank ladder match at Money In The Bank, the lights dim to the point that the audience and the men in the ring are all but invisible in the darkness. After thirty seconds have passed, a single spotlight beams from the heavens and onto the stage, illuminating the man that only an hour and a half ago put on an impressive and dominant performance in a one-sided encounter against the current Survival Champion, Austin Cruz, in a non-title match that earned him this opportunity, that man being Kyle Rayner. Rayner stands on the stage surrounded by darkness, wearing the same attire he wore when defeating Cruz and is also wearing a sleeveless black and grey leather jacket and a dark grey mask over his face. The masked face looks around the mist and darkness as the audience give a mixed reaction to the man with a golden opportunity in only his second week in Precision. Kyle begins his slow walk down to the ring, his face and seemingly his eyes looking dead at the barely visible figures that stand and sit within those ropes, each man as dangerous as the next. The camera pans out to show a sea of lighters and phone lights floating around as the audience tries to light the place up and inadvertently gives an even more ominous feeling to the situation as Rayner walks up the steps and into the squared circle. Rayner unhurriedly removes his mask as the lights slowly brighten the arena up to show Trent Kingsley, Jack, Chris and Antonio, all staring uneasily at Rayner after his entrance. The mercenary-for-hire walks over to the table and picks his microphone up, glancing down at the still seated former Precision Champion, Jack Rogue before also eyeing up his two other opponents. Rayner raises the microphone to his mouth and begins to speak in his slow and thought out manner with his deep, raspy voice and turning his attention back to Jack Rogue.

Kyle Rayner: "You called me a 'bitch'."

Rayner chuckles.

Kyle Rayner: "You claim that I run from fights when I stepped up against a former World Champion in my very first match and the current Survival Champion in the second, and dominated on both occasions. You think that wins and losses will decide whether or not I'm able to stay in Precision when in fact you are the contrary to that belief as your record likely has more blemishes than it does merits. You say that I'm the one that made excuses when I explained the reasoning for my tapping out to your "Bridge to Victory" and conceded the match to you, in no way did I make an excuse. You beat me using experience and sheer grit and determination through one of the most one-sided matches of your career and I somewhat commend you for that, but for a man who enjoys calling a man he doesn't know a bitch and calls him out for making excuses that were simply misinterpreted, you don't seem to mind making excuses to cover why you took such a beating at the hands of a Precision rookie now, do you?.. For you to attack me for explaining why I did what I did when I consciously decided to drop the match to you and then claim that the only reason that you had a total of one minute offence in a fifteen minute match is because you didn't know who your opponent was going to be and so you couldn't prepare accordingly, while I could prepare accordingly is just blissfully ignorant. You condemn excuses and then make them yourself... But I don't blame you, because I struck a cord. I struck a cord when I explained your inevitable future to these people. The not too distant future that sees a broken and beaten body fighting with an unbreakable and determined mind and or vice-versa. The not too distant future that will likely end with you spending the rest of your life either physically broken, weak and or paralysed, or brain damaged due to your willingness to fight every battle as if it is life or death. That's your future, not mine. I will not be as single-minded and blind in my battles as you have been in yours and if that disrespects you, then you know it as well as I do."

Jack Rogue gets from out his chair and in the face of Rayner, who looks down on the much shorter Jack Rogue.

Kyle Rayner: "If you are so confident that my dominance over you was merely circumstantial, prove it..."

Neither man moves an inch, both holding their ground and yet neither attacks.

Kyle Rayner: "My thoughts exactly."

Rayner glances at Young and Stark, who are both looking on in anticipation of Rogue and Rayner coming to blows and finally decides to address them, while still keeping his eyes on Jack.

Kyle Rayner: "I have no issue with either of you two... However, at Money In The Bank, you're going to obstruct my road to a massive payday and so I'll need to remove you, using considerable force. I'm going to pummel you, beat you, hurt you and you may never be the same afterwards and so I want you all to know that it wasn't personal and I sincerely hope that you hold no grudge afterwards as that can be a pain in the ass in my line of work... This is purely business, nothing more or less and I am above all else a businessman..."

Rayner backs away from Jack and picks up the contract. Unexpectedly, Rayner exits the ring with the written document in hand and walks half way up the ramp.

Kyle Rayner: "I expect that this contract is above board and that there're no strings attached to the individuals that sign it, however you can never be too sure... I'll have my lawyer check these documents for any possible discrepancies and I'll bring it too you once it has or hasn't been signed."

Oddly, despite the proceedings not being over, Rayner heads backstage, leaving Jack Rogue, Chris Young and Antonio Stark in the ring along with a confused Trent Kingsley.


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