WrestleMania MITB match?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Crayo, Feb 29, 2012.

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  1. Is it going to happen? Quite a few matches onm the card have been confirmed, can they fit MITB in?

    Let's have a vote :emoji_slight_smile:
  2. Voted yes just because I'd like to see it and I think MITB PPV has been cancelled and I doubt they'd can the whole idea. Hopefully the set up qualifying matches shortly.
  3. Incorporate the workers who deserve their spot on the card... if Mr Johnson is going to draw the workers deserve their cut

    The match itself phenomenal and keeping it company wide (as opposed to the dichotomy of two brands) keeps fans on their toes

    It's not my job to demand who should win it, but whomever it is... please.... please back them up
  4. It's often one of my favourite matches on the card and winning that at mania' is normally a good way to make a star, even though Swagger won it last time :emoji_slight_frown:
  5. They dropped the ball on Swagger.

    Or else I want MitB to be at 'Mania but I know there's a slight possibility it won't be on the card. But you never know!
  6. Where's the "If any more talent doesn't get hurt by then" button?
  7. I see where you're going, but I liken this to the King Of the Ring argument

    In its original incarnation it created and established many stars

    Bret Hart, Owen Hart, Austin, HHH, Angle, Edge and Lesnar

    On the other hand there were hiccups: Mabel, Shamrock and Billy Gunn

    The success rate is far better than the failure rate when you consider all the success stories are HOF worthy (Lesnar is debatable)
  8. I voted no, I just don't think so.
  9. No, I'm not talking about burials, just injuries. We're already short Dibiase, Barrett, Orton, Sin Cara, Evan Bourne, Rey Mysterio, possibly Del Rio and Christian. Considering there's no way the NXT guys make the Wrestlemania card, we have Rhodes/Show, Taker/Game, Rock/Cena, Tag Title match, some crap with the Divas, Punk/Jericho, Sheamus/Bryan. That's 7 matches, usually there's 8 or 9. The GM match has to have more people involved than just Santino and Otunga, so it really depends on what they do with that GM match to see if they have enough people on the roster to have a Money in the Bank match.
  10. They usually have one just because they want as many wrestlers on the card as possible (so as many as possible can get a Wrestlemania paycheck.) But they're gonna do a tag team match between teams each representing Laurantis and Long in the "battle of the GMs" storyline that is going on. So, the MITB isn't necessary this year. I also think the concept is played out at this point.
  11. MITB or story-line revolving around two GM's with stars who logically wouldn't give a crap. SIGH.

    Hell yes!

    So, I voted no.
    LOL jk. I want one, it's a little break from the huge matches but still full of impact and entertainment.
    Let's book it.
    Ziggler vs Gabriel vs Swagger vs Kofi vs Truth vs Miz
  13. Apparently MITB hasn't been scrapped it's just been moved to another date. So yeah, no match.
  14. Anytime one match can instantly elevate a deserving worker, I believe it has its place

    I emphasize deserving b/c Edge and Punk deserved their briefcases.

    Miz simply wanted his more... Miz wants WWE fame the way Cookie Monster wants cookies... I respect Miz' professionalism more than anything else

    Rant aside, either the Rumble or MITB needs to be an instant boost for a deserving talent

    Barrett, Ziggler and Rhodes are still chipping away. Guys like that need a Rumble or a briefcase to breakthrough
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  15. Can not agree with you.
    Ziggler ain't chipping away, he's one of the better wrestlers and sellers in WWE, not going anywhere soon.
  16. They are advertising the PPV in Phoenix. Damn.

    So if Ryder gets his rematch, what's there for Miz and Ziggler to do?
  17. Great post.
  18. There are other ways to elevate people than just having them win an annual MITB match. I'm sick of the match personally. It'd be different if they did it now and again, but doing it every single year has made me burned out on ladder matches in general.

    For what it's worth, Wrestlezone has reported that Wade Barrett was supposed to win it at Wrestlemania this year, but he got injured and that's why they scrapped it this year.
  19. Is there a trusted source behind this or is it just SEscoops or something.
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