MITB news - "throw away PPV"

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Crayo, Jun 21, 2012.

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  1. Look at the source though, take it with a grain of salt.
  2. Pretty much all PPVs outside of the big four are considered B-shows, so it's kind of an accurate thought. Nowadays, though, it seems Wrestlemania is the only PPV they take truly serious most of the time.
  3. I don't blame them as SummerSlam will generate them more purchases since it's their 2nd biggest PPV.
  4. But last year Summerslam absolutely sucked. Same the year before. It's the PPV for the faces.
  5. It's understandable though especially with this year, they have offered us decent PPV's this year, one of them being ER. I personally don't mind if it's a paperview for the faces aslong as it's good quality, I'm happy.
  6. They've been trying Sheamus vs ADR for a while now, and since he's being pushed right now (pushed, meaning not buried every single week like every other heel). Guess it'll be Jericho vs Punk, then god knows what they'll do after that. Great job, "WWE Machine"! Every PPV is for the faces nowadays so that's no biggie.

    Oh, and nobody gives two shits about ADR.

    Summerslam last year had the worst build I've ever seen for a PPV and less than 2 hours of wrestling. There was the Punk/Cena/Triple H match, and... As a newer fan, I don't see how Summerslam > MITB at all.
  7. Ziggler winning MiTB is not a throw away. Fuck you Meltzer
  8. Dolph's the man. :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:erfect:
  9. Not surprised, they treat most PPVs as if they were B-Shows, unless it's one of the big four. Not looking forward to Del Rio vs Sheamus, hoping that if they're focusing on Summerslam so much it'll be good, and worried that with HHH vs Lesnar getting so much spotlight it may be the big summer storyline. :downer:

    Ziggler winning MITB would be nice though. :obama:
  10. Ziggler winning MITB will be the biggest mark out moment not invloving Lesnar since Daniel Bryan winning the WHC.
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  11. #wwelogic. Ziggler first to lose after cashing in

  12. Technically the Rumble is.
  13. Genius Meltzer again.... :facepalm1: Even I know this'll be a newsworthy kick ass PPV, ffs.
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