Money in the Bank MITB PPV or MITB at Mania'

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Crayo, Apr 28, 2013.

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  1. Which one would you prefer? I was such a hater for it becoming a PPV, because the MITB match at Wrestlemania was normally a MOTNC, and a fantastic way to elevate a star and produce unpredictability. Having one briefcase that cashes in on both champions makes it great, and having that superstar - normally a young up and comer - win on the "grandest stage of them all" is fantastic.

    However, the MITB PPV itself is consistently great imo. You're guaranteed good matches, and something pretty exciting to happen. It's pretty similar to the Rumble. Honestly, if there was an actual brand split and only one MITB match where the winner can cash in on anyone, it would be awesome. It'd be like a good version of bragging rights in a way, where both brands collide to see who has the best superstar (kind of).

    Anyway, which option would you prefer?
  2. On a personal level I'd rather it be at Mania. It's a good thing to keep exclusive considering Wrestlemania is the grand stage and while some people get to fight for the world titles on that big stage, others get a chance to win a contract for cashing in on those same world championships (whenever they want over the next year) on the grand stage as well. Just have one MITB match with no more than six guys (eight or more just seems like overkill) and give the winner the luxury of cashing in on either the WWE Champion or the World Heavyweight Champion. That makes the cash in more unpredictable. Plus, if they want as many people on the Wrestlemania card as possible, this is a good way to do it (although maybe not, because if you're not being booked important enough to get on the card anyway, you'll likely just be filler in the MITB match that no thinks has a decent chance of winning.)

    It is a nice idea for it's own PPV though, but even then, I'd prefer one briefcase as opposed to two.
  3. I really prefer the one at WM. That way you don't know what championship they might choose. With the current one, you already know what championship they're going for and you can expect it when they're going to cash in the briefcase.
  4. The Wrestlemania one. They can cash it in on any title.
  5. MITB ppv is something to get excited for. WWE needs solid go to ppv's throughout the year, and WM will sell no matter what.
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  6. Either one (WM or MITB itself) is fine by me, but I preferred the concept with being able to cash in at both champions.
  7. I think that the MiTB Pay-Per-Veiw was a dumbass Idea from WWE just to get more of the Moola in Vince's big-ass bank account, and make us waste more money to either buy tickets (plus mech., and conssesions), or watch a two hour of jobbers and mid-card titles. instead of leaving it the way it was at 'Mania, because stars like Zack Ryder could use it to get a push (like CM Punk with the WHC), but noo, Vince's the "genius" around Titan Towers and he "has" to make a Pay=Per-View on a match that's already scheduled for the Grandest Stage of them all.... fucking stupid... anyone else agree?
  8. Whilst he clearly did it to make money, the PPV is normally great. It's becoming one of the PPV's that you will guarantee to enjoy imo. I think it can definitely work on its own as a PPV, but it needs to change. There should be one MITB match, where the winner can cash in on anyone from any brand, and the brand split needs to exist again.
  9. I'm on the fence, mostly because MITB is one of the few really great concepts WWE has developed over the last decade, and it is the one time of year/the one match that truly breeds unpredictability. I love the PPV, because it is generally a good show and we get something to look forward to later in the year away from the major shows. on the flip side having one match w/ only one briefcase saturates the match less and provides more meaning for the winner + adds the element of being able to cash in on either champ.

    All things considered I would rather they have the one match at Mania, but it is fine the way it is.
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  10. Both ways have their perks. I'm on the fence here.
  11. I'm fine with either one. The only thing is, that there should be one briefcase. Although on the Pay-Per-View, it's usually a great time for midcard wrestlers to get the main event of the show and showcase their abilities, while it is usually great at Wrestlemania, they still don't get the main event. So that's what the pay-per-view is good for.
  12. Vince created it as it's own PPV because he wanted to make money? Businessmen never do anything because they want to make money!
  13. "Its" is the possessive form of "it".
  14. Nobody cares.
  15. Isn't Jericho the one credited with the entire concept of the MITB match?
  16. Yes. He came up with it on-screen and also said in his second book that he and Brian Gerwitz came up with it together in real life. But the original conception was a Hollywood Dream Ladder Match, where whoever won had whatever wish they wanted granted. The original idea was RVD winning it (before he got injured) and wanting the old ECW to be resurrected.
  17. You claimed to be a "grammar nazi" in a post in the LR, so I thought I'd point it out for you :obama:
  18. Where is the period to complete your sentence?
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  19. lololol DZ can't use grammar correct either lmfao.

  20. I see my generous contributions aren't appreciated here

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