Money in the Bank MITB stays?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Crayo, Apr 6, 2012.

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  1. The PPV list for 2012, apparently.

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    Granted it's Wikipedia.
  3. Over the limit need to go! And then move No Way Out it spot and then have King of the Ring in were No Way Out. Then Move MITB PPV to Sept. and then move TLC into July and then have Night of Champion in Dec.!
  4. They are just names and themes.....

    Nothing matters but the storylines and characters an how they are portrayed.


  5. Whatever.
    Last year was good but hopefully it's the last year of this PPV.
  6. I actually agree with you. KOTR should return. MITB should be scrapped completely and have the MITB match at Summerslam instead so that PPV can actually mean something. Gimmick PPV's need to die.
  7. No I said that should have the MITB PPV moved to Sep. and then have TLC in July and then have Night of Champion in Dec.! And have kill OTL and have NWO that and then have King of the Ring in June. That mitb would be after SummerSlam b/c after SummerSlam there is no more stockness really until Rumble usely! And by have KOTR back that can use that as the Rumble of the road to SummerSlam like that do for the road to WM since that want Summerslam back the 2nd best ppv to WM! It would made sense b/c who ever when KOTR instad of giving him the "King" Gimmick that give the winner a shot to vs. the WWE or World Champion in the "Main Event" at SummerSlam! That what I think that should do.
  8. I said I agreed with you about KOTR. MITB should be scrapped completely.
  9. Nah BOTH MITB PPV WERE THE PPV OF THAT YEAR! So no I would get rid of it!
  10. Doesn't matter that it was the best PPV of the year, it wasn't the best because of the MITB match it was the best because of Punk vs Cena, that could happen anywhere. MITB match is a special match, like RR, like EC. They should be at big PPV's, Summerslam is that place.
  11. No just 2011! 2010 MITB was best of that year to! And it should stay! B/c that alway have good matchest for it!
  12. You're missing the point.
  13. Apparently MiTB PPV isn't going away.. It's scheduled for July. Bad rumor I guess. I don't like gimmick matches as PPV names, so it's a bit corny IMO, but I do love MITB matches obviously.
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