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  1. Split up the titles.

    At the MITB PPV, have a WWE Title MITB Match & WHC MITB Title match.

    At 'Mania, have a 10 - 12 man MITB Match which they can cash in on any title.

    Also, make 'Mania one hour longer.

    Excuse the layout of this thread, I'm using tapatalk. JK, I don't use that shit. I have a computer. HAHAHAHA LOSERS.

    But seriously, what do you think?​
  2. I feel that WWE will think this is "Too Much Work". I think they'll just do one MITB match at the PPV and that's all. Good idea, though.
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    No to splitting up the titles.

    No to holding both a MITB PPV and having a MITB match at Wrestlemania. Just do one or the other (in fact, now that there's only one world title and thus only one MITB match, they can just as well go back to holding the match at Wrestlemania now like they used to, but they won't.)

    No to having a ten man or especially a twelve man MITB match. I've always thought having eight men in one single MITB match was a bit much, you really want to cramp up the ring and ringside area with even more people fighting that the camera(s) will have a hard time all keeping track of at once?

    No to Wrestlemania being one hour longer. Four hours is already long enough and people are already exhausted by the time the shows ends anyway. I do expect that Wrestlemania this year could end up being an hour longer (or at least thirty minutes longer or something) though just because it's a landmark, anniversary event.
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  4. Didn't they do that with WrestleMania 20?
  5. DAMN YOU!
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  6. I guess you can say this thread got show down in flames!

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  7. I think to make Wrestlemania even better, they could have a MITB match at the showcase of the immortals. The downside to that is, there is nothing else good they can offer to fill that big of a void of missing out on the MITB ppv.
  8. I would say it got shot down faster than the Syrian government
  9. King of the Ring? Winner gets a title shot at Summerslam?
  10. Good suggestion, I do miss king of the ring.
  11. Yeah, it could also be a stepping stone for a younger talent to be catapulted into the main event scene.
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  12. I'd love to see the King Of The Ring return as it's own PPV. The only reason they got rid of it in the first place was because of the introduction of brand-exclusive PPVs starting in 2003 (coincidentally starting in June of that year, which was always the month for the traditional KOTR PPV) but now that both brand-exclusive PPVs as well as the brand split itself are gone...
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  13. Awww man KOTR used to be my fav PPV I hope they bring it back and move MITB match back to WM.
  14. You want a 10 to 12 man ladder match:idk: sounds like a clusterfuck.
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