Hell in a Cell Mixed Tag Match

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Solid Snake, Aug 26, 2018.

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    Given the recent SummerSlam match-up, this rumor is likely going to be true. This time, I would imagine we see different results. The Miz and Maryse are rumored to take on Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella in a mixed tag match. While this is not a confirmed match yet, I can see it happening.

    EDIT: The match is on the card, I goofed.

    Who would you want to come out on top?
  2. It's pretty much confirmed at this point.. Bryan & Brie should come out on top and they go to a rubber match in Australia or Survivor Series..

    Also, it's possible Brie Bella will wrestle Maryse at Evolution in a dreadful match.
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  3. [​IMG]
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  4. At least they are keeping history going between two guys. Forgot about this:

    I am not sure how the mixed match will go, I am sure it will be decent.
  5. Did you not watch Smackdown? They announced a mixed tag match at Hell in a Cell already
  6. Shhh I fixed it! I took the rumor thing away.
  7. No chance does this match have a rematch. This is a one and done
  8. You don't think they will run the whole Brie vs Maryse thing?
  9. Maryse Vs Brie sure. Not gonna do multiple mixed tags tho
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  10. Aren't they planning to introduce tag belts for the women? I was going to say this would work for an angle to bring in inter-gender belts for tag teams if they were going to do it but I am guessing that won't happen anytime soon, if ever.
  11. I wouldn't think so either. This match will probably be a fun little match for Brie and Bryan to win. I don't know when the next Miz Vs Bryan match will be. This mixed tag match seems like a way of giving Bryan a win without pinning Miz. I maybe wrong though
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  12. Sure seems like it. Might make Maryse eat the pin.
  13. What is funny, I called this match during Summerslam. I said, "Yeah, I bet Brie and Daniel will face Miz and Maryse." And who was right? Anyways, this match will be bad and mostly carried by Daniel and Miz, and the ending will have both Brie and Daniel in the ring doing the same move and get the victory.
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  14. I have to say I thought Nikki & Brie would attack Ronda & Natalya
    after Ronda's match to set up a Ronda/Nattie vs. Bella Twins tag
    match...but I guess this is okay.

    I don't really care to be honest...

    I mean I want to care...& I'm curious to see what Maryse will be
    wearing...but that's about it.

    I feel like this feud has already been dragged out for too long.

    Swap the Miz for Finn Balor & let the Miz try to make history
    with the I.C title on RAW & let Finn go full Demon on SDL &
    wage war on A.J or Joe.
  15. WWE Women wrestlers are boring, go back to the kitchen :emoji_rage:
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  16. I wouldn't say it will be outright "bad". Brie and Maryse may not be in the top women wrestlers but they won't be an utter mess in the ring.
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  17. I am not putting the blame on Maryse as much as Brie as because Maryse can actually wrestle and put on a decent match. Brie on the other hand...well...you know.
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  18. I actually like Brie more than Nikki but Nikki did make improves which saddens me considering I like her sister more. lol
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  19. Eh, I like neither if truth is to be told, but Nikki is a bit better than Brie in the ring, but as far as looks and personality, I will go with Brie.
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  20. Brie and Bryan are the most unlikable couple ever. If I was their nextdoor neighbor then I throw shit over the garden fence. But then they would probably like that because it would fertilize their beets.

    Meanwhile Miz and Maryse's are just likable people.