Miz appreciation thread.

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  1. One of my personal favourites which is so underrated.

    Skip near the end, can't remember where now.

    Another one of my favourites, he got big pops here (night after he beat Cena at WM)

    Another epic one

    Yet another one:

    To think some people say this guy is bad on the mic, just watch all of these, please.
  2. I never said he was bad on the mic! I SAID HE SUCK AS A WRESTLER! As in in ring work! He promo a fine! That not why I hate him! I hate him b/c he SUCK AS A WRESTLER! As a talker yet he 1 of the best but as A FUCK WRESTLER HE SHIT! AND CAN'T TO SAVE HAS LIVE! That why I hate him! If you can't a 5 star match you should not be th WWE Champion I don't care how good talker he if he can't WRESTLE A 5 STAR MATCH END OF STORY HE SHOULD NOT BE IN THE MAIN EVENT!
  3. People say he's bad on the mic?
  4. Yep, people have said he's bad on here before, plenty have elsewhere, he's not in quite a few people's top five. I don't know one superstar who's better than Miz in every promo.
  5. again I hate his in ring work as he suck in the ring as WRESTLER! NEVER said anything bad about his PROMO! In any of the post I type! He SUCK AS A WRESTLER NOT AS A TALKER!
  6. He has been bad on the mic for a long time now. He was entertaining during his US Champion/Mr MiTB run, and for some of his WWE Title reign, but ever since the Cena/Rock feud overshadowed his Wrestlemania feud with Cena it's been downhill
  7. The MIZ is a fantastic story teller. In and out of the ring. He has Phenomenal entrance music and plays his role excellently. ALL wrestlers nowadays have set moves. Which makes them seem stale... Yes, even CMPunk
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  8. Two or three of the promos I posted above were during the Rock/Cena feud, please tell me which one was below par? He's had a few mediocre promos recently, I'll tell you someone who's had a lot of mediocre promos recently, CM Punk. Yet he doesn't get no where near the criticism Miz gets.

    Great post -- liked.
  9. The Miz is one of my favorites because he sort of revived that feeling you get during a promo. If he just took that charisma into the ring a little more maybe people will appreciate his ring work.
  10. I've been critical of CM Punk, and I can only control myself. The promo where Miz dressed as the Rock was around the time he hit the wall. That was great stuff, but since then it's been a slippery slope. I'm not saying his work during that time was awful, just saying that IMO it was where he started to slip. He got whiny and eventually repetitive. Once he lost Riley is where I noticed he was really losing me as a fan. Riley was getting the better of him in most of their verbal exchanges. WWE clearly had nothing for him to do after the Riley feud, and I think Miz became more or less disinterested in what he was doing and it showed. He had a slight upward trend during his time with R Truth, but especially since the time since they split he's been downright bad.
  11. He doesn't suck. He beat John Cena at WM 27. :otunga:
  12. "Downright bad" is way over exaggerated. Even Punk's pathetic jokes weren't downright bad, they were just average for someone we normally expect to be incredible on the mic, like Miz. One thing with Miz though, even if it's repetitive, he works the crowd so freaking well it's unreal, he gets reactions wherever he goes. Miz' purpose in the feud with Riley was to completely put Riley over. Riley still gets pops when jobbing on NXT, so I guess it worked. The promo interrupting Steve Austin was after the "Rock" one, I wouldn't class that as any worse than any of his previous ones. In fact, most of them are after the rock one

    I think he only started to slip when he had nothing to do. What was there to rant about? In Awesome Truth he was great, just not as good as he was on his own, which is obviously going to happen.
  13. I just dont like the Miz's persona. That faux hawk, fake tan, a makeup just make me not like him. Not to mention his catchphrase is about as unoriginal as it gets. Plus he's spazz and its well known he's a bitch behind the scenes
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  14. Punk singing nanana hey hey hey goodbye was something much worse than 'downright bad'

    and it's all subjective. What you say is average I say is bad. What you say is great I say is okay. There is no formula for finding out how good or bad a promo is. Through our discussions it's clear we have differing opinions on mic work
  15. You're a big Rock mark but you're insulting Miz' catch-phrases lol?

    In my opinion a bad catchphrase is one that doesn't get over. Every single Miz catch phrase is over.
  16. im not a Rock mark. I just see that Rock > than any current WWE superstar. If you think anybody on the current roster can compare to the rock, you obviously have no idea what makes a true superstar
  17. What does make a true superstar?
  18. Dolph Ziggler is about the best superstar in WWE now
  19. I'm sorry but you're saying Dolph Ziggler is a bigger superstar than John Cena and CM Punk? He's a better wrestler but is no where near as big a star as those two.
  20. he's not a BIGGER superstar, he's a BETTER superstart
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