Miz as GM or new Vince after retirement?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Jose Tortilla, May 23, 2012.

  1. Start watching at the 6:43 mark
    This is so awesome, I really see something in him for those roles.

  3. I believe he could play that role very well, it's true.
  4. He's too good to be GM.
  5. That can't be true, cause if Miz is too good to be GM how come Ace isn't then ..?
  6. Let's get to the point here.

    The mic skills are sharp as a knife, he can act, he has the bad guy charisma, the looks. Total package as a heel GM or Vince replacement. If, he can hold this, I can see it happen in the future.
  7. Inb4 WWE throws him to shit. :dawg:
  8. Why would an active wrestler on the roster be made the GM? I'm personally tired of authority figure characters in general.
  9. Read the post again. I said: When he is retired..:facepalm1:
  10. I don't like assuming that far in the future on these sort of things. Who knows what Miz will be doing (or even look like) 15-20 years from now, and I seriously doubt they'll still be calling them General Managers.
  11. You are taking this little thing way to far, bro.
    It's just something I noticed while watching him on the mic, and I wanted to share it.

    Nothing wrong with that, right?
  12. I'm all for the Miz in any role. Commentator, authority figure, manager, or whatever. I don't find his wrestling matches the least bit entertaining, but as a character he is an asset.
  13. Miz as a manager or authority figure of sorts after his ring days are over would most likely be really good. Look at what he managed with Riley. Had WWE not dropped the ball on Riley he would probably be one of the big mid card faces by now.
  14. Jobbing to McGillicutty and Slater.. :facepalm1:

    Dude deserves a push imo. :obama:
  15. Same, this would happen like 10 years in the future. :dawg:
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