Miz/Cesaro Feud.

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  1. Is anyone else really enjoying this feud? I'm loving it. It's good to see WWE have a slow build feud. The Miz has really gotten over more lately since he's been in this feud. When he was announced as the Special Guest Ref on RAW he got an 'awesome' reaction. On Main Event they continued their fued. I see Miz finally beating Cesaro at Wrestlemania for the title in a good back and forth match.

    What have yous thought of their feud and do you think it has helped The Miz and Cesaro get over in their roles?
  2. I agree, it is really adding to the US Championship as well. Cesaro has been on a roll lately in my opinion, having great matches with whoever he is put with. It really helps that Miz is a commentator on Main Event, which seems like it always has a Cesaro match. He really builds the tension between the two, as do the stare downs or interactions they have. The pre-show match at the Royal Rumble was nice, and I liked the finish as it came off more as Miz hurting himself, and Cesaro taking advantage. The fued is getting screen time whether it be the Royal Rumble, RAW, Main Event, Smackdown, and it's building up really nice.

    It takes a lot for me to get into a Miz fued, so these two are doing their job very well.
  3. True, I'm enjoying their feud. It helps both of them get over, and feuds with slow build are good to see. Also great for the US title. Kudos to the guy who had the idea.
  4. I like watching feuds develop. This feud seems to be shaping up very nicely and I'm presuming that The Miz will win the US Championship at WM which will hopefully elevate Antonio Cesaro further up the card a little feuding other superstars. Good work and credit to the both of them as they're really entertaining and adding more prestige to the Championship.
  5. It's nothing special in my eyes. I just enjoy Cesaro so everything he does, i'm interested in.
  6. Not a fan of The Miz and everything he does looks like shit in my eyes. Lol

    But to be fair, I can see this working out and being decent. Miz needs to improve as a face though
  7. Really enjoying this one! They seem to compliment each other very well and I hope it continues for a while longer :emoji_slight_smile:
  8. I like Cesaro, I think he is better than the US title though. I dont think Miz is the right guy for him to fued with[/code]. I cant stand Face miz :bury:
  9. I've always thought that if these 2 do feud with each other, it will be great, and I'm not disappointed now.
  10. Nice feud, enjoying it. Thank god they don't do a fast build up. I like slow build ups for midcard titles. Cesaro is too good in ring, Miz is too good on mic so both equalizes each other. Love this feud. Also it's the first good feud Cesaro has in his WWE career.
  11. Nice feud... Miz winning the title at WM and this will push cesaro onto the main scene
  12. [​IMG]

    God, no :cry:
  13. Get over it . Don't like Miz however the WWE thought about miz winning the WHC . Hope he stays in the midcard scene
  14. :okay:
  15. When did they think of him winning the WHC?
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