Miz claims to be better then the Rock

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  1. He's in character here obviously but this is why i love the Miz. It's just a simple radio show interview but the guy is so into his character you can sense the arrogance coming from his every word. He's one of the few people who conveys it still being real in a sense were as people like Del Rio show it to be an act too much imo.
  2. Love it. This is why he's close to being my favourite. He's one of the biggest fans of The Rock out there (Rock is a fan of Miz' too) and still manages to completely stay in kayfabe, and sells it off. In many shows he's getting cheered, but still comes across as an arrogant tool. This is why he probably draws, and other superstars should take note. Sure it's nice to hear them speak out of kayfabe now and again to see the real them, but there's a reason people say kayfabe is dieing.

    In summary, he uses the perfect combination. "It was cool to be across from someone you idolized as a kid, but to surpass him is even better". Perfect example (not an exact wording quote, but more or less).
  3. lets face it the Miz is AWESOMEE!!! love the way he is staying in character aswell but he doesn't always sometimes he is layed back and be's himself have any one seen him on blue peter? he was as friendly as John Cena on that so i think this is an entirely kayfabe shoot not sure though he could believe his own hype but i doubt because he and everyone else knows that only one name was being chanted at MGS
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    Seriously though the time he was on Blue Peter did make me realize he was a potential new face of the company. He just fits the role imo.
  5. its what i thought he is a good friendly person and can play a awesome heel infact it could just be me but i think he could have a good babyface turn in the future
  6. I really agree with you regarding the babyface turn his story is made for it imo.
  7. Definitely, he's funny, great on the mic, and has a friendly look tbh. But not yet, I'd wait a year or so before turning him face. Really establish him as a top main eventer for now, and not book him like crap. With Punk taking the role of Cena, I'd wait and give Punk someone else to feud with to push him to the moon (Miz).
  8. yeah and he has everything a face has good charisma he is really good in the ring and i know this sounds stupid but whether its WOO WOO WOO YOU KNOW IT, Suck It or You Can't See Me ..... Faces have a catchphrase of Miz where to go Face he already has the catchphrase in the bag and as the other faces do say something like I'm the Miz and I'm (points microphone to audience) i can see that working again i know the fact he has a catchphrase is not reason for him to go face its just an addition to make him a successful face
  9. It would be pretty ironic if the Miz who has admitted idolized the rock followed a similar career path. Think about it they both started and no one really took to them see Miavia and Miz hosting smackdown. They both reinvented themselves and joined teams, Miz and Morrison / NOD. They broke away and each became the most successful of their tag teams both won their first world titles as heels in a shady fashion see Miz MITB and Rock with the deadly games screwjob deal. Now they could both be the catch phrase heavy babyfaces. This post doesn't really mean much besides the correlations having potential to be very similar. Who knows Miz could even surass Rock and become one of the biggest draws ever.
  10. Oh god I hope so, big fan of the guy. Reminds me a lot of The Rock too. Doesn't need to break kayfabe to get the necessary reactions on the mic. Against Punk he kept bringing it back to what he's won, and what he's going to do at TLC, thus selling the PPV. Something even Punk doesn't do as good as Miz.
  11. i am a mizfit liked the guy since he started tagging with morrision never realized his full potential untill his US title reign but when he cashed in i marked out they guy has already made an impact not as big as a one of the rock it would be real hard to surpass because people like the rock because he is funny aswell as his in ring stuff i dont hear many people laughing at the miz he seem's to serious but i don't know he could be at some point
  12. When he's sarcastic you hear laughs then, but he's not booked as being funny. When you watch him on chat shows you realize he is generally a really funny guy lol.
  13. its what i mean his character is far too serious i mean with R Truth the guys should have both been funny he is a great guy and heel or face i hope he makes it big at somepoint like real big