Miz does something Cena and Taker themselves haven't.

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Jul 26, 2012.

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  1. Lol that's awesome. Pun completely intended.
  2. Well that's one thing he has over them.
  3. I thought it was going to say , "Miz was part of he Real World reality series."
  4. Yeah, it's true. Nice.
  5. Oh man, i give so many fucks.
  6. That's not really much of an accomplishment when guys like Kofi Kingston or Santino Marella are only one title away from accomplishing the same thing. And to be fair, Cena almost did it, he just had to settle for the US Title instead of the IC Title since he was on Smackdown. But yeah, Cena and Undertaker never dropped down from the main event to the midcard to win the IC Title, that is true. Kudos to the Miz.

  7. I don't see why the US Title can't be included in this... seems kinda silly.

    Oh well, the two people to hold the WWE/WHC/WWECW titles accomplished something much more impressive imo. But even that's completely flukish.
  8. Doesnt seem very prestigious to me :obama:
  9. Cena vs Miz at WM29 for the IC.

    Calling it :obama:
  10. :kobe:
  11. He's right. Miz vs Undertaker at Wrestlemania for the Intercontinental Championship!
    Show Spoiler
    Undertaker 20-1
  12. Miz vs Taker vs Cena
  13. lol Not in a million years.
  14. miz vs undertaker WM!!!
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