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  1. WWE's website has published a look at The Miz going through training and then actually flying along in an F/A-18 jet in Norfolk, Virginia earlier this week. Here is a photo of Miz about to take off:

  2. I thought he was actually gonna fly. :sad1:
    A bit disappointed.
  3. Can Miz just like... Stay on the plane and fly away from the WWE? :haha:
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  4. He's not even scared, that is a real man folks.
  5. Too much to ask for a malfunction? :hmm:
  6. What's to be scared about when going in a plane? Even though it's a F/A-18.

    I love planes and would sure as hell like to go in a military jet.
  7. :no:
  8. I 2ND THIS!
  9. :idontcare:
  10. Too bad they never posted the video of him flying.
  11. :yes::yes::yes:
  12. Not another Miz hater!

  13. He ain't from Cleveland, HE IS FROM PARMA! :angry:

    His father has a picture of him in the Mr. Hero's, IN PARMA!
  14. This post makes absolutely no sense to me what so ever.

  15. :dawg:

    They say he is from the city Cleveland, Ohio but he is from Parma, Ohio which is like the next city over.
  16. Suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuure :pity: :nope:
  17. Ah right.

    They do this with Barrett they bill him from Manchester when he's actually from Preston just down the road. But Americans know Manchester better so.....
  18. That is probably why they did Cleveland over Parma for Miz. Cleveland has sports teams, Parma doesn't so it is less known.

    Ziggler though, he is actually from Cleveland. :smug:
  19. :idontcare::finger::woo1::otunga:
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