Miz haters, get in here.

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Aug 12, 2012.

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    From the biggest IWC darling all time. How does this make you haters feel?

    Miz ftw.
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  2. Ftw. Retweeting that.
  3. Are there any Miz haters here? I'm not his biggest fan but I like him.
  4. I don't hate Miz but find him stale. Jericho has an opinion like everyone else, so what? I can give you plenty of examples of guys who are great at something but bad at judging other's talents in the same thing. IE MIchael Jordan is the GOAT at basketball but he is a fucking awful general manager
  5. Shh Dolph, Jericho > You

    R'Albin is a Miz hater Leo. One of your Team Showoff compatriots.
  6. [IMG=600x500]http://i.imgur.com/LoVkK.jpg[/IMG]
  7. Oh.
  8. May be the biggest Miz hater here. In no way do i agree with Jericho. He is just awful.
  9. :gtfo:

    Love to know why though, I love debating Miz. He's above average in the ring now and if you say otherwise I can provide quite a few matches where he's been great (his feud with DB, Rey, Morrison etc). He is one of the best mic workers in the whole company, perhaps behind Jericho at this point and ranting CM Punk but that's some pretty awesome company to be with. He has a great look, he draws, he's a global star.
  10. 'He has a great look'

    really? really?
  11. He is super bland and annoying. He is a decent wrestler with an awful gimmick. I can recall when he teamed with Morrison that Morrison carried them most of the time in matches and promos. He's a good option as a mid card. Where he is now is what his peak should be...an IC champion. Should be nowhere near a Main Event.
  12. Bland? Not sure how. Annoying? He's a heel. His gimmick is a coward heel who's incredibly cocky, it's just a heel gimmick. It's not good or bad. He used to suck in the ring so I won't disagree there, but see how much he's improved in a short period? In another two years he'll be even better. He belonged in the ME imo. He out-shined Rock and Cena when they had their interaction with Miz.
  13. I hate the Miz.
  14. He hates you too.
  15. I wouldn't expect anything less.
  16. He's bland in the way he wrestles and portrays himself. I guess we will have to agree to disagree on it. He is super fucking annoying and I stand by that. He's not funny, not witty, has stupid mannerisms, he just bothers me to the core. Everytime I see him in the main event scene it bothers me. Only time I liked him was with Morrison, and that was because of Morrison.
  17. I just don't get him at all. Aside from those promos with Rock off-air I've not really enjoyed him much at all. Crap in the ring, generic on the mic and I think his look is pretty meh. I love Jericho but I totally disagree with him on this one.

    If there is one thing I will give to him is that he's great a provoking a reaction out of a crowd. I always say that - within reason - if you're over, you deserve at least a midcard push.

    Bit like Dolph's was saying, Roy Keane and Tony Adams were much better football players than Alex Ferguson and Jose Mourinho, but who are the better managers?
  18. I obviously have a group named after him. :troll:
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