Miz injures another worker

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Senhor Perfect, Sep 3, 2013.

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  1. According to multiple sources, Miz broke Fandangos nose last night on RAW. After dumping Punk on his head a few months ago and consistently losing viewers, I really think it's time WWE just uses him as an announcer/interviewer, or sends him back to developmental to work on his in ring skills and a new character.
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  2. Miz is awwwwesoooome......at fucking things up! :aries:
  3. Oh god, Fuck that guy. This is Senhor and I's expert topic: Hating The Miz.
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  4. Despite liking Miz I agree his talents should be used elsewhere he is a mouthpiece and on commentary could be great.
  5. Miz is so good at being a clumsy fuck in the ring. His clumsiness needs to be dealt with. Him as a whole needs to be dealt with.
  6. [​IMG]
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  7. Damn she is not happy, lol. Almost creepy.
  8. Miz sucks lol.
  9. Too bad they couldn't have both injured each other to the point where they had to vanish from my TV set completely. I've never liked The Miz and I got bored of Fandango's shtick after the first month.
  10. No way, no Fandango means no Summer Rae! Noooooooooooo!

  11. Agreed.
  12. Yea I said it in a post the other day, but if there are two dudes on the roster I care LESS about than Mizdango, I have no idea who'd they be. Fuck em both with a spiked dick
  13. Pick any 2 guys from 3MB and I would care less about them than "Mizdango"
  14. Miz injures more workers... WWE TITLE REIGN!

    JK. I don't care about Miz and I don't care about Fandingler either so not a big problem to me.
  15. Mahal, sure. But I'll take Heath or Drew over those two morons.
  16. Think I'm the lone Fandango fan, ironically the only one who hated him during his debut. De-emphasized troll jobber Fandango for the win!

    Oh, right, Miz. Putting him on commentary is a good idea since iirc he was good on that one ep of ME I saw. There's no reason to keep that slapnuts in the ring.
  17. I'm with you on Fandango man, but mostly because I'm a Summer Rae mark. I think she said goodbye to NXT last week so she's on the main roster full time now maybe? Hopefully as more than just Fandango's valet though.
  18. Not true, I didn't like Fandango at the start either. :smug:
  19. For me, it really came out on one Smackdown when Punk was talking before Fandango came out with his hilariously overexaggerated 5-minute entrance just to eat a GTS. It's been hilarious ever since because they aren't treating the guy seriously.

    Totally with you on Summer, hope she can split soon. She's so much better than the Bellas.
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  20. Cant believe they are going to choose Miz over Rhodes.
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