Miz is no Ric Flair

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Senhor Perfect, Feb 21, 2013.

  1. Can't wait until the movie comes out and flops, so he can disappear.
  2. Why do hate on him so much? :sad:
  3. We've been through this. I hate his face, his voice, his character. He's mediocre at best in the ring, boring on the mic, and I think part of it is instinctual.
  4. Miz is such a good heel that he has smarky Senhor hating him :dawg:
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  5. Hated him as an announcer
    Hated him as a heel
    Hate him as a face
    Hate that he isn't real

    Hate him alive
    Hate him dead
    Hate him with a pitchfork inside of his head.

    Hate him when he's happy
    Hate him when he's sad
    Hate his stupid face
    Hate that he makes me mad
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  6. Epic.
  7. LMAO.
  8. Can we put some dubstep on this? Or some smooth jazz?
  9. You have my permission, lol.
  10. I don't understand the hate on him.

  11. He can't seem to cut a serious promo (face or heel) to save his life.
  12. Was a movie the reason they turned Miz face?

    "Oh, we'll keep pushing him because he has a movie coming out" :gtfo: with that sh*t. Why can't you push people because of, ya know, talent? Drawing ability and whatnot?
  13. This. I said it before and probably only got cheap laughs, but Flair should have given it to Ryder, and gotten him out of being the total broski, adding a legit move to his shit.

    That, and :woo1: :woo: :woo1: you know it.
  14. For some weird reason, I like the miz. He doesn't bother me :obama:
    certainly, no flair by any stretch of the imagination though.
  15. Not a big Ryder fan, but that would've been a much better idea.
  16. I know im one of the few, the dude has charisma, and let's be fair, he did a lot with that terrible gimmick, its wwe holding him down (not putting him on raw IN LONG ISLAND!!! Even the fans were just chating we want ryder)

    I just want him to get a legit angle, and stop being a goon, that dude is easily a better face than miz...and much better in ring.
  17. Can't argue with that, I tried to find a way, but I can't :otunga:
  18. He keeps facing DZ, give him a spot jobbing to Rocky on Raw, and have him put on a huge match. After, have him in back having a meltdown and tearing his shit off the walls, and watering the gel out of his hair. He takes a month off, and after WM comes back with a new theme, and goes Yes! Chant DB style (He hates the woo's and wants to be seen as a contender)

    Have him on a seg burning all his woo shit, and then wait until he wins for a month or two to have him bring the woo's back to that awesome kick to the face he does in the corner...vs a total jobber so he can have time to enjoy reliving the moment.

    Maybe that sounds horrible, but it's how i'd do it.
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  19. I'm just hoping he snaps on RAW one week after jobbing. He loses the match, grabs a mic, and says, "Woo, woo, woo, go fuck yourselves!" and walks off.

    :pipebomb: 2.0 :yay:
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  20. THIS.
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