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    "Check out my segment"
    Damn browser cut it out again :/

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  2. Wow dude jelly...
  3. I'm sort of pissed because I changed my username right before he replied to me.... #Fail with @[John Laurinaitis]
  4. @[Johnny Nitro] read your PM's.
  5. Just read it.. So yeah, I'M MARKING OUT!!!! @[Crayo] get yo arse in here foo!
  6. Big deal.
  7. It is, he's the most must see WWE superstar in WWE history!!!
  8. Can't find it in his profile, apparently he removed the tweet but really awesomely done RKOOO.
  9. Troll. So obvious.
  10. I just made the best troll thread on WF... Is there a troll award @[Crayo]? :laugh:
  11. Trolls aren't obvious!
  12. You were the only one that caught it @[Crayo] :troll:
  13. Yeah, only Crayo saw it -_-.
  14. Hush up Seabs, you didn't see it... >.>
  15. I saw seabs' posts before they were junked.
  16. I never tweeted to anyone. None of you deserve it :/
  17. Not even Crayo? I thought you had a connection.
  18. I don't date anyone with the last name "Stanford".
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