Miz pimping in Australia

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Stopspot, Aug 31, 2012.

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  1. [​IMG]

    Came with the tweet:
  2. 1st Media
    2nd In Ring
    3rd Crowd
    4th Your girlfriend
  3. Miz bangs Maryse every night I still cant believe hes dating her how the hell has he managed to go out with her for so long???
  4. I lol'd at the action figure sitting next to him
  5. Well, he is pretty well hung.
  6. Damn nice chair. :gusta:

    Still won't beat the Iron Throne from GoT.
  7. Knew this was spot for the correct spelling of pimping, and those are fucking hideous shoes. Miz is boss though. not the douche here, the one pictured above. :true: :lol1:
  8. I was going to mention the shoes, what are they? I know I wouldn't like to be hit in the crotch by someone wearing them.. that's for sure.
  9. They're like soccer shoes, exept the spikes are all over it...
  10. That's crazy, who gave him fashion tips. :lol1:
  11. It's like he just hollowed out one of those rubber dog toys
  12. Miz defintely is a boss hes proved hes more than just a reality tv star and hes banging a hot girl like Maryse
  13. Thanks for the addition to the discussion. :dawg:
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