Miz pushed R-Truth? Youtube Conspiracy.

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Zamorakian, Feb 7, 2012.

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  1. Watch this crazy Youtube conspiracy:


    Decide for yourself, did Miz push him even the slightest? Watch the full video and decide.

    I don't know what to say, i personally just don't think Miz should be yelled at but yeah the question is was it an accident or did Miz even try to catch him?
  2. Of course it was an accident. :facepalm:
  3. I don't know it just seems that Miz didn't even try to catch him..
  4. He was out of position and mis-judged it, I don't see how it's hard to see that from the video in my opinion.
  5. Out of position? Truth looked Miz in the eye and Miz was facing Truth so he took the jump and Miz rolled out of there leaving Truth helpless.

    Can't see how he was out of position.
  6. When he went to catch him Miz moved judging it wrong. Do you even believe in the slightest that Miz done this intentionally? He's good friends with Ron.
  7. Your point sir just seems wrong, he moved away from the position putting his both hands towards Truth pushing himself away from him.

    I know they're friends and all but like Hurricane said the guy bitched out catching Truth.
  8. I don't think he intentionally did it. On the video, Miz tries to move back into position but couldn't in time
  9. Some guy commented on the video saying "miz never pushed him he just? go scared and moved out of his spot...needs to go to FCW if he cant put up"

    Was it you Sackfist?
  10. He didn't push him :facepalm:

    He was out of position, reached out towards him which resulted in a poor finger-tip method of trying to break the fall. He's caught many other superstars, why would he bitch out?
  11. Of course Miz tried to kill him.
    He hates him because of that stupid bottle hits.

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  12. :facepalm:

    Many people say and believe it even former WWE superstars, the guy pussed out catching Ron it was pretty obvious if you ask me. Are you sitting in the Miz's mind right now? Do you know what he was thinking? Do you know what he tried to explain to HHH when he was yelled out? Were you there? No exactly, stop making useless points on how he was out of position and how he judged the whole situation wrong when the whole world knows that he actually pussed out.
  13. It's a botch pure and simple!

    It happens I'm sure if we look through the WWE archives there's plenty of mistakes that are similar and resulting in worse injuries or mistakes that are worse where they got lucky and no one was hurt.
  14. Liked.

    That post made me laugh quite hard actually. You're projecting the common sarcastic comment of "can you read his mind?" which in itself is hilarious, but the main comical point in that post was the complete hypocrisy. You're suggesting he did it intentionally, so straight away I could throw that exact same line at you "are you in his mind?!?!?!?!?!" However, I'm not that immature. Former WWE superstars have said he pussied out, so that makes it true? Chyna said Vince tried to rape her didn't she? She also said they're tracking her phone calls and trying to get her killed.

    He judged it wrong... what other excuse is there? He's good friends with Ron and is an experienced figurehead for WWE, why would he in anyway shape or form want to intentionally harm Ron? He's caught and performed other more dangerous spots in WWE so this thread is completely hilarious.
  15. no, why would u assume it was me?
  16. Nope.
    Just wrong place, wrong time.
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  17. Even if he has been in different dangerous situations but that doesn't matter because sometimes if you are in a situation and you have to puss out you'll do it. It doesn't matter if it was a botch or if it was intentionally the guy is a faggot and should be suspended for what he did just like when Kofi got punished when he botched Orton. Oh and i suppose i didn't hear Ron yelling "Stupid" 5x times or so.

    It was just a question.
  18. LOL SUSPENDED? :facepalm:
  19. Or lose any push he's about to receive or even send him to FCW, it is time that he learns from his dumb mistakes , he's are ruining the WWE and in the same time he's being blamed for the lowest Survivor Series buy rate.
  20. Miz made a mistake, he was yelled at in front of his fellow competitors, what your saying seems a bit much, I don't believe he ruined the WWE. PG ruined it
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