Miz teasing betraying Ace in this RAW's backstage fallout?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Stopspot, May 30, 2012.

  1. This RAW's episode of Backstage Fallout ended with a segment with the Miz. Miz was asked why he said the things he said in the ring and Miz continued to elaborate.

    Am I the only one thinking they are toying with the idea of turning Miz face and having him feud with Johnnys posse? This could be because of Miz starring in the Marine 3 and they will give him a push because of that. Making his losing streak mean something.
  2. Cue Crayo's music. :boss:
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  3. Done @[Testify] :boss:
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  4. Lmao. :laugh:
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  6. If I had it my way Miz would be in the ME as a heel, but I don't mind the face turn as long as he's not generic smiley pants like Sheamful and Punk. I hope they do continue this story though, because at least it has direction.
  7. Miz as an anti-hero babyface?

    Yes. Yes. Yes! Yes! YES! YES! :yes: :yes:
  8. I hope that happens. The Miz does deserve better and I've been wanting him to become a face for a pretty good while,probably well over a year now, almost two. I got my first wish of ziggler going solo and hopefully I get my second wish of The Miz turning face. Actually, those are two wishes I've never lost hope for to happen. I still got strong faith in The Miz and hopefully they don't let Dolph fail as being solo.
  9. I hope they do it. It would be great to see for sure, I'm pretty sure Miz would play it well. And I was surprised by the fact that this storyline actually makes some sense.
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