Miz tied up backstage by the Wyatts

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  1. Miz tied up backstage by the Wyatts and liar being wrote on his body WTF this isnt exactly PG WWE need to sort out what their viewing rating is it TV14 or PG tv. Anyways what does this mean? what has Miz done for the Wyatts to be after him
  2. My brother told me about it. I was kind of upset that I didn't get to see it. Anybody have a video link for me?
  3. I didn't know the Wyatts were into kinky stuff like that.
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  4. Such an awesome segment.
  5. Oh my god. That is amazing. :u
  6. I thought it was a cool segment. It demonstrated the dark side of the Wyatt Family and what they're capable of doing to any of their opponents who try to cross them. Also, I think it was an interesting and unique way to hype up the Bray/Miz feud that they're trying to create. I didn't envision that happening so it has me wondering what other sick and twisted acts the Wyatts are capable of.
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  7. Kinky.
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  8. Wyatts > Ryback and Lesnar

  9. I'm sure it makes me and @Senhor Perfect love the Wyatts that much more :emoji_grin:
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  10. Amazing segment, but why are these on jobberdown? Why not put these on RAW? It happened with The Shield as well; they would get backstage promos and shit but never on RAW.
  11. They're an afterthought currently, I wish I could give you a better answer but I can't. If it's not the corporation vs beards Raw fucks aren't given sadly, I'd love them to continue this shit. Bray can make Miz seem sympathetic by torturing him.
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  12. If anything, that makes it even more in demand. RAW is three hours long; surely they're desperate for meaningful content to fill the show? It baffles me as they have a unique character that is so easy to write for, and a decent character for them to torture in Miz.
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  13. I wish Bray would tie me up and write on my chest too :sad:

    It was an awesome segment though nonetheless. Seeing Bray doing something so odd and weird like this. Kinda reminded me of something the Undertaker would do, and oddly enough I love having weird characters like that around. It just seems cooler to have something out of the ordinary around, but not something to mythical. Hope they continue to do this with other superstars, it's pretty cool.
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  14. I want more segments like this instead of just Wyatt coming out and giving a promo week after week from his rocking chair.
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  15. Miz still won't get no sympy :steiner:
  16. Yeah, it was something odd and weird enough that it was just simply cool. It's so different compared to every other segment you see on SmackDown. There is rarely any good segments like this on RAW even. Was just awesome, to sum it up.
  17. Should have been written in blood.
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  18. That isn't PG ....although the rest wasn't completely PG. :idk:
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