Other Miz vs Bryan.

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Redboy123@, Oct 4, 2018.

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  1. Miz

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    What do you call a deer with no eyes?


    Super Show-Down maybe the most predictable ppv of the year. However one match is surprisingly very hard to predict...in my opinion anyway...Miz vs Bryan is unpredictable. Both men have solid reasons to why they should win and go on and challenge for the WWE title.

    If WWE want to continue this feud then Miz should win as this rivalry should eventually end with Bryan satisfyingly tapping Miz out. So if this feud is to continue so it would probably hold off on Bryan getting he's revenge. Also Miz vs Styles for the title is a rivalry I can see happening. Miz could win the title and hold it to Mania where Bryan finally gets his win.

    However if WWE want to book a dream match for the last few months of 2018, Bryan vs AJ is a huge possibility. Even if Joe wins the title, which is unlikely, Bryan would be the more favourable opponent then Miz. Joe vs Miz would suck. Also Bryan has lost all of he's momentum and probably needs this win to keep him ticking other. If Bryan loses then what is he going to do?

    Now I think about it Miz is the favourite to win this match. I think that would suck for Joe. Joe should be champ but I guess Miz deserves it and Bryan needs to have a worthwhile comeback with a meaningful feud and a big match.
  2. I think bryan only because miz has technically beaten him twice now. And, I really want to see Bryan vs AJ and watch the crowd be torn. It would be a good feud. I think Bryan should beat AJ for the title after their second match or so, and then go on to face the miz for the title.
  3. I can easily see AJ vs Bryan at Crown Jewel or Survivor Series.
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  4. The Miz will win and then he and Joe could have their own show together called The Miz TV w/h Big Daddy Joe or The Miz and Daddy Joe.
  5. Bryan will probably win. But Miz should win. What has Daniel done noteworthy since Wrestlemania 30? While Miz in my opinion became a lot better than his first main event run in 2010-11 these past two years
  6. Retiring then coming out is pretty noteworthy.

    Even if hadn't done anything noteworthy then that is noteworthy.
  7. True, but really this pretty much Shawn Michaels in 2002. Except Shawn actually came back better. I like Daniel Bryan but Miz has been the star in the feud since 2016. I will say his never ending feud with Shane, Owens and Zayn was pretty cool though
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    The match was Too Too Quick went to get a Bourbon & it was over before i got back Doh! :emoji_laughing: