Miz vs Rock "Dark Segment" - Clips Here

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Mar 20, 2012.

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  1. This clip shows how similar Miz and Rock can be on the mic. Miz was fucking amazing in this clip, as was Rock. I so wish this was aired but naturally if Miz isn't involved in the story-line it won't, but those two in a ring brings a shit crowd to life.
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  2. Great work from both. Should have been on the show as it was a hell of a lot more entertaining than what they served up last night.

    That proves that Miz is a great mic worker. Also credit to both men for actually being able to lift the crowd. They should've made that the first segment, then the crowd may have been noisier during the show.
  3. It should be Miz vs Rock.
  4. Boy, that was great! Thanks for the video! Miz is awesome, don't see why he gets so much hate.

    Although Miz can't rip Philly for the lack of sports team success. Cleveland is absolutely hopeless as a sports town.
  5. That's what made him get more heat, the Cleveland sucks chants were hilarious. Miz works the crowd so well. He's a massive fan of The Rock so it must have been pretty awesome (no pun intended) being in there with him one on one.
  6. That's true. It's better to sound like a hypocrite as a heel than rip apart the babyface with logical, truthful points (see Roode, Bobby).

    By the way, WWE.com actually has this up on their Website now (albeit heavily edited). YES! YES! YES!
  7. Yeah it annoyed me that they edited it, though it is in better quality. They skipped the good parts :emoji_slight_frown:.
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