Discussion in 'RAW' started by Chris1990slater, Jul 17, 2012.

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  1. I love the Miz and i want to see him on my screen as much as possible!
    But im worried by getting his arse kicked every night will piss him off and he will leave?
    Surely its time he was either given a midcard place competing for IC or even pushed for WHC OR WWE belt again?

    Screw you WWE!! :finger:
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  3. :win: Cos im the MIZ and im a movie star!
  4. He'll not leave IMO, every interview he's done has said how much he's living the dream.
  5. I jizzed in my pants when he came out and said "miss me?" :boss:
  6. He won't leave due to jobbing bro, don't worry.
  7. I don't think most wrestlers put too much stock into their booking. Obviously in some cases problems might arise, but in general they understand winning/losing isn't really important in wrestling. Unless they are marks like Bret Hart that is.

    What else is Miz going to do lol? He isn't going anywhere


  9. I love the MIZ. Would love to see him as contender for a championship again. He is awesome.
  10. I suppose you are right, it was just with him doing film and TV he might just think screw this, But like you said he still does alot of promo, which he is awesome at.
    No hes not the best wrestler in the world but he brings alot to the show! He has me glued to the screen. And hes funny!
    Best interview ever!
  11. Plus, the guy just got a role in a movie, no reason for him to say "screw you guys, I'm going home" or anything.
  12. Yeah. I think that the majority of wrestlers understand that at some points they are pushed and at other times they have to be more of a supporting role. He had an awesome push, and he will again.

    I would totally love to see him have a run with a belt for sure!
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