MizFit Award?

Discussion in 'Suggestions & Questions' started by CM Punk, Apr 6, 2012.

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  1. [​IMG]

    Pretty much the description would be if you're AWESOME! The award icon would look something like the picture on top.

    Idea came from top of my head, not really a good one but whatever.
    Don't know the requirements of the award yet but it could be something like this.

    - Get 10,000 posts (Whatever number you're comfortable with)
    - Contributed more than 10 things to the community
    - HQ Poster

    Don't know something like that.
    Not the greatest idea, just the top of my head cause I wanted to ask when you're gonna make a user title for Future Endeavored.​
  2. Seems like a level above the WE one which I think they wanted as the top one but Crayo is a Miz mark so it's possible.
  3. Whole reason of suggestion.
    I'm a Miz mark as well.
  4. My fetish for Miz won't influence this, however, I'm a fan of making the awards more wrestling-orientated. The idea of a AWESOME award is not bad, it could be for when the community generally likes you. Like Cloud would be a shoe in for that award for example, but Levi would never get it.

    That icon is terrible though, my Gran could find a better one (she's a very talented lady).
  5. I just found a random one cause the original one wasn't loading.
  6. Ice Cream Bar award..
  7. I thought you were buying / bought that lol.
  8. One day I will..
  9. Anyway, this current suggestion is denied but the overall wrestling-like phrases for awards is accepted. You can see this as a victory. :emoji_slight_smile:
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