Miz's NoC opponent?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by TheoneandonlyDC, Sep 8, 2012.

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  1. Pretty straightforward. The title says it all, Who do you think The Miz will defend (successfully, might I add) against at NoC? I think it will be Rey Mysterio again or Rey Mysterio, Cody Rhodes and Sin Cara in a fatal four way. What do you think?
  2. Who cares? The IC strap is a joke. Why can't they put Miz in an actual feud for that meaningless piece of tin?
  3. I disagree. The IC title has become a lot more prestigious recently than it previously was. We've had Cody Rhodes, Christian and now Miz as champions. It can be improved but it certainly has gotten better than it was. As for Miz's opponent, I have no idea..
  4. Like the fatal-four-way idea in the OP. Would love to see the win-loss records of the people who hold those belts.

    (Off topic: I googled "WWE Win-Loss Records 2012 to do a little research, wweforums.net got the first page!)
  5. Hell yeah! :emoji_slight_smile:
  6. How many feuds have those 3 guys been in as champ? Rhodes feuded with Booker T (did they even have a match?), his dad, his brother, and Big Show's lame ass. Christian had one mini-feud with Rhodes, and then Miz/Christian had a mini-feud. The belt is still a meaningless afterthought, no matter who its on.
  7. Cody had two matches with Booker and also feuded with Ted Dibiase for a while right around when he won it. To say that he has never defended it is incorrect. Miz's reign is too short to say he is an afterthought.
  8. As I said, it can be improved. But it's in a better place than it was. Plus this thread isn't about that, it's about Miz's next opponent. If you want to debate the IC title, make a thread.
  9. It really hasn't improved its standing at all.. You were shitting on it when Rhodes had it, and nothing has changed since then besides your outlook lol.

    He can face Jinger Mahal for all I care. The match will be 6 minutes long, painfully mediocre and Miz will win. Who gives a damn?
  10. Those who are willing to give a damn and invest in the product. Same could be said for TNA's X-division title. Ion is hardly on the TV shows and has only defended the belt against two guys who gets paid per appearance. Who gives a damn?

    (This comes from a TNA fanboy. I am just being neutral here)
  11. Quote me shitting on it when Rhodes had it? I believe I was praising the new design he introduced, the feud with Booker, and how it's in a much BETTER place with Rhodes. Christian winning it didn't improve or damage it. He was booked poorly but it's still another strong main eventer who most people love holding it.
  12. I'm not asking anybody to care about the X Division. I certainly don't at this point in time. TNA has dropped the ball big time since the Ion/King feud wrapped up.

    Must be thinking of others than. I thought the latter half of Rhodes' reign from January on was quite pointless personally though
  13. I was also wondering who would challenge Miz for the strap... nothing came to my mind but that Rey/Cara/Rhodes idea seems nice. They could have a random #1 contender's match and have Rey or Cara... or some random face who has nothing to do with it. Or Miz makes an open challenge/has an argument with the GM on the PPV. I don't know.
  14. I agree they need more meaningful fueds for the IC title. I'm not that interested in any of the last 3 guys who have won the title, which probably doesn't help, but it's mainly down to the lack of REAL fueds for the title.

    At NoC they should just have a fun, 10 minute fatal four way for the title as that's the best they can do at this point IMO.
  15. Could be a fatal four way match with a special stipulation, maybe a ladder match since all of those guys can put on a great show if they did so.
  16. IC Title will probably be Miz/Rey/Cara/Cody in a Fatal 4-Way where they'll do the standard heel Title retention where Cara or Rey will lay out Cody, Miz will throw them out the ring and pin Cody for the win.
  17. I like the idea of the fatal-four way. :otunga:
  18. The match is a joke though, as he is above the whole cara/rey vs cody feud. Miz needs to have a contender, and some build.


    Hopefully the last PPV set up a better xdivision deal, since we are talking about PPV matches here. Miz has hardly been booked in recent weeks in anything worthwhile, AND this ppv is just as bad, if not worse. He wins because he has no reason to lose.
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