Miz's Pipebomb

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Lady Deathbane, Dec 29, 2012.

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  2. The Miz didn't have any MizTV segments this week and that sentence was his only thing he said all week (not including Main Event commentary). I'm really hoping this feud with Ziggler (if it is a feud) helps get Miz over with the fans. I'm not sure if this would be right for his first feud though since Ziggler is extremely popular with the fans. If anything, I can kind of see a double turn happening on RAW with AJ turning on Ziggler turning him face and Miz going with her turning him heel. Hope i'm wrong.
  3. Oh god no, I hope you're wrong too. I mean, I like both Miz and Ziggler but turning Miz back into a heel wouldn't make much sense since they just recently turned him face.

    I'm hoping AJ doesn't affiliate herself with this feud more than she has already, but that's probably a stretch. AJ/Dolph/Langston is such an oddity to me that it really makes me want to say end it as soon as possible. Langston's bodyguard-esque gimmick isn't doing it for me, AJ's pulling the same crap again and it's frankly bringing Dolph down, IMO. I wouldn't mind it as much if it was just Dolph and AJ simply hooking up, but it's just all really ridiculous to me right now.
  4. And I just noticed that WWE acknowledges the fact that AJ's a hoe.

    Might as well also accept the fact that we probably have a Kelly Kelly 2.0. :sad:
  5. Not a fan of The Miz but :pipebomb:
  6. Am I the only one seeing the possibility of Miz taking on Langston if the Cena vs Dolph feud continues?
  7. :ohgod: NO!
  8. I don't like it either. I am a fan of the Miz and I see potential in Big E in the long run. But a feud between the two would mean Miz carrying the mic segments and I don't see their ring styles meshing, Miz has stepped up his ring work in 2012 but big E works too much of a Power move-clothesline-power move-running shoulder block rinse and repeat moveset. But I can see it happening so we get to see Dolph and Big E tagging against Cena and Miz down the line.
  9. I marked out when Miz said this and this is totally true AJ is nothing but a slut
  10. And you're on steroids.
    My :pipebomb:
  11. Damn girl, you look like Kelly Kelly.
  12. I'm a man! :bury:
  13. And so is Kelly Kelly. :dawg:
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