News MJF gets a TNT match, Kenny’s still losing it, and Tony Schiavone has a new title

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Another Monday, another entertaining episode of The Young Bucks’ Being The Elite YouTube series (embedded above). In episode 170, “Fingers Crossed”:

  • MJF commandeers Executive Vice-President Cody Rhodes’ desk, and cuts a promo on the city & state which will host the Nov. 20 episode of AEW on TNT (and if All Elite announces cities this way, I’ll definitely report it as news every single time).

  • Tony Schiavone threatens to tell Cody about his best friend’s little power play, then busts out a name plate that dubs him...

  • SCU debates which two-man team they’ll enter in the upcoming World Tag Team Championship Tournament.

  • Some shilling for Cracker Barrell, and The Bucks’ children books.

  • Matt & Nick give Brandon “Two Contract” Cutler a pep talk about his job as a wrestler, and book him in a match on the Oct. 2 premiere from Washington, D.C. against the guy who’s been bullying him (along with Sammy Guevara), MJF.

  • After Kenny Omega submits an unsolicited, depressing entry for “BTE Mailbag”, the Jacksons debate including it. Nick says he won’t, then does (which is where the episode title comes from). The extended footage is even worse, featuring Omega yelling at Michael Nakazawa and closing with a Jack Nicholson-esque “I’m just getting started”

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