MLB 2014 Official Discussion Thread!

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Danielson, Mar 31, 2014.

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  1. Okay, it's here ladies and gentleman!
    Snow with a chance of snow followed by snow. For an entire winter depressing grey skies. Until finally sweet salvation! spring! Winter banished for another year and in its place the killer B'S. BLUE SKIES, BBQ AND BASEBALL. Dig out your lighter fluid and sun screen!!! IT'S OPENING DAY!
  2. Baseball season really sneaks up on me
  3. Super juiced. I get to watch the first two hours of the game before going to work. Let's go mets!
  4. I can't believe the contract Miguel got from Detroit.. holy shit..
    Makes me wish I would've just sacked up and stuck with baseball lol, I was a pretty mean power hitter, catcher from like ages 8 - 15 :emoji_slight_smile:
  5. Brauny got a standing ovation today (lol) but the game was a damn good watch. Strong pitching all around and our young talent was getting some great contact. Hell of an opening day.
  6. This is going to be the first time I watch a full baseball season. fuck ye tigers
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  7. Mets bullpen blew the lead. Wright went yard ofc.
  8. Yanks lost to the Astros. Where's Jack Kevorkian when you need him?
  9. Danielson and 3 friends went to the Mets game yesterday

  10. So awesome, I watched that game recorded last night

    0-3 though, rough.
  11. Walk Off Grand Slam for that jobber Ike Davis!
  12. My brewers are shitting on faces. NL Central making moves sons! Mets about 2 weeks away from domination and A's doing work but D'z doesnt give a fuck. Gotta love some baseball, unless you are a Yankees fan. Fuck the Yankees, and their fans.
  13. :sad:
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  14. Giants look pretty damn good so far but tonight confirms what I feared...Timmy is done
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  15. I'm not a Giants fan but I did get swept up in Lincecum mania a few years back. I had a "let Timmy smoke" shirt lol.
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  16. easy bro I've checked the box score every morning!

    But yea, until the NBA playoffs wrap up I won't be getting too into things
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  17. A's have been dominating, per usual
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  18. I'm worried about our pitching honestly. Jim Johnson is a shithead closer and we are paying him more than the rest of our roster. And we've lost a lot of starters to long term injury already.
  19. Coaching > worrying about players. Too bad you dropped your other closer to still pay a grip for someone else tbh.
  20. Johnson is killing my fantasy team
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