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Discussion in 'Sports' started by Sharpy aint SAWFT, Mar 20, 2015.

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  1. Well with the start of spring training starting back up not too long ago the season is pretty much underway so we might as well get this going for the baseball fans out there.


    Huzzah! Here's to another year of a Major League Baseball!!​

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  2. Harvey is still amazing. Dark knight
  3. Oakland A's look sharp this year

    #let's go Oakland
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  4. Loving all the people here already calling it a season, fuckem. Hoping the crew shows up for this series and gets back on the right foot, but it's only April ffs.
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  5. Mets best record in NL. Been saying it for the past few years. Prospects have arrived
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  6. I watched me some baseball when I was in Ohio this past week, pretty fun.
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  7. Why the fuck would you come to ohio
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  8. I met Brit.
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  9. Word, I'm about an hour west of that. Welcome to the heart of our nation
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  10. I doubt I disagreed with you. It's still April for us, but honestly I'm aiming at .500, not anything special this year.
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  11. [​IMG]
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  12. Craig Counsell is in, and Ron Fuckface is out. I'm glad our season started so grim, Wisconsin just got a huge upgrade.
  13. Lol 2 pitchers in the last week caught with foreign substance on their arms and ejected from the game.
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  14. Not usually a terrible pitcher but Jeremy Guthrie of the KC Royals allowed 11 runs in less than 2 innings, ouch! Against the Yankees too.
  15. It happens to some of the best, too. I can't believe they waited to 8 runs plus a full base AT BEST to get him out.
  16. Yankee stadium is a joke of a ballpark. At least two of those homers would've been routine fly outs in any other park.
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    lol where you been hiding bro.
  18. In your closet and under your bed. :ohyeah:
  19. At the midway point. Mets 3 out with tons of injuries to their offensive stars. David Wright has played 10 games. I gotta say, if we can add a bat and get wright back, playoffs are plausible. I'm callin a 2016 world series appearance though. Harvey, deGrom, matz, Syndergaard, and wheeler starting 5 forget about it.
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