Baseball MLB 2018 Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Solid Snake, Feb 1, 2018.

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    MLB 2018 Discussion Thread

    Spring Training begins on February 21st.
    Schedules can be viewed here.

    2018 Season Begins On March 29th.
    Schedules can be viewed here.
  2. Yankees are a powerhouse. Evil Empire is back.
  3. And my team is in the same division as them.

    Yaaaaaaaaay.... :cry:
  4. Yeah, good luck.

    And it is going to get worse. They will probably get someone like Machado or Harper next season. lol
  5. Ichiro is my hero.
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  6. While I was waiting for Easter Supper with my family we watched Justin Smoak SMOKE two home runs, including a Grand Slam to get us a win.

    But still, when 6 of your runs come from one guy, says a fair bit about the rest of the team.
  7. I love baseball.
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  8. I hate the Angels but damn, Ohtani is the real deal. Also, Mike Trout is the best player in the league.

  9. Going to Padres vs Giants game Thursday. :woohoo:
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  10. Yankees, man, what are you boys doing to me?

    Injuries are down right dirty and struggling against the Orioles is bringing me closer to bag over head status.
  11. They need a reliable ace. Tanaka is good but injury prone, Severino can be amazing but has been incosistent, Sonny is solid but no ace.
    And yeah injuries don't help

    Also, kind of related. I am not a fan of this "home run or strike out" style of hitting that is getting popular. Sure, Judge and Stanton are exciting when they hit 600 ft bombs but there are too many 0-4, 4 strike out games (I am only slightly exagerrating). Not sure that is a succesful formula, especially in the playoffs. I hope I am wrong though. Would love to see the Yanks win another WS.
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  12. Yanks got fucking embarassed.
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  13. >2018
    Baseball is back.
  14. I don't follow baseball like I used to, but how are the Red Sox doing?
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  15. 9-2 to start the season and top of the AL East, second-best start in the league with the best start being the New York Mets at 10-1(who I have a soft spot for)...which hurts me as a Blue Jays Fan so the Jays are second in the division with an 8-5 record :cry:
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  16. Man, I haven't watched Baseball in a long time if the Mets are 10-1 right now, lol. Sweet, thanks for the info amigo.
  17. Marlins had 6,150 fans show up tp their game on Wednesday.

    Their double-A team had 6,960 fans show up.

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  18. Baseball fights are still a thing, that is cool.
  19. Bartolo Colon is a legend.
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  20. Fuck the Red Sox.

    That is all.
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