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Discussion in 'Sports' started by Danielson, Mar 25, 2013.

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  1. Snow, with a chance of snow, followed by snow. For an entire winter depressing grey skies. Until finally sweet salvation! spring! Winter banished for another year and in its place the killer B'S. BLUE SKIES, BBQ AND BASEBALL. Dig out your lighter fluid and sun screen!!! Next Monday IS OPENING DAY!!!!

    Feel free to post some predictions:

    I'm going to roll with Angels vs Toronto in the alcs with the Angels winning.

    For the NLCS i'll roll with Dodgers vs Braves with the dodgers winning

    All Cali world series with the Angels winning it all

    Hate on it.
  2. RE: MLB Opening Day

    Jays/Tigers ALCS

    Dodgers/Phillies NLCS

    Jays/Dodgers WS

    Jays win :happy:
  3. RE: MLB Opening Day

    What do you like a bout the phillies? J/w? I feel like they are the 3rd best team in that division.
  4. RE: MLB Opening Day

    Extra WC spot, I'd put Hamels, Lee, and Halladay up against anyone anyday. Howard is back full time. If they squeak into the playoffs they'll be able to roll those three starters out, they have a chance to beat anyone.
  5. MLB Opening Day

    Fair enough
  6. MLB Opening Day

    Is there any televised baseball on UK television?
  7. MLB Opening Day

    Dude. Nats. Look at that team, and tell me they aren't SET on paper. I see it being Nats/Angels. Jays will be close, and brewers will at LEAST make wild card. Mets? :pity:
  8. RE: MLB Opening Day

    Strausberg (sp?) is still a question mark IMO. If he can duplicate the season he had last year, then they'll be in the hunt. I just have a hunch about the Phils. We'll see though, there haven't been this many possible playoff options in MLB in a long time. Exciting stuff :gusta:
  9. MLB Opening Day

    more Angels hype in 2013? lol, when will they learn.
  10. RE: MLB Opening Day

    Strasberg isn't limited on innings, he is going to break 200 k's easily. Phills wont be anything over #2, it really depends on how the Braves play.

    There is a serious amount of teams (texas toronto detroit LA) who have made serious moves. I am cheering for you, buddy.
  11. MLB Opening Day

    Texas made serious moves? Unless I missed something their serious moves were mostly negative.
  12. RE: MLB Opening Day

    lol i think their farm is quality, but it could just be out of my opinion. They opened up space for players ready to test it out, and im a huge fan of Mike Maddox.
  13. MLB Opening Day

    We will see. AL West is wide open depending on how Anaheim gels. The A's pretty much stood pat with the exception of acquiring Chris Young (could be a great addition) and getting a new shortstop platoon with Nakajima and Lowrie. The key to it all is we didn't lose any of our valuable young arms, so the pitching should be at least up to par with where it was last season.
  14. MLB Opening Day

    Mets??????/ BAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHA oh my god they are going to suck dick this year.
  15. RE: MLB Opening Day

    Wright for MVP?
  16. MLB Opening Day

    I'm just excited for the Brewers season and hoping for a victory on opening day! Opening day is such a fun time of year :yay:
  17. RE: MLB Opening Day

    He could get the mvp if they were .500 imo. That would be worthy if he could get that team to that point. They really don't have much besides him and ike davis besides prospects.
  18. RE: MLB Opening Day

    Thanks for giving information
  19. RE: MLB Opening Day

  20. RE: MLB Opening Day

    High five on that one champ. Fear the beer.

    Saw Marcum is starting season on DL @Danielson , bummer.
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