MLB off-season discussion

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Danielson, Jan 1, 2014.

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    Ight @Champ Johnson

    Cano Signs a beast contract
    So does Jacoby
    Mets get Bartolo/Grandy/Young

    Think the brewers should give us the farm for Ike? I do

    Anyone else want to discuss baseball? Do it here bros
  2. Halladay signed a one day contract to retire as a Blue Jay. I have a bad feeling that'll be the only good news to come out of toronto this off season.
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  3. I didn't even know that. He had such a great career, but sadly no one really cared until he got to Philly.
  4. I CARED DAMMIT!!!! :annoyed:
  5. A's staying quiet like always but added some interesting arms. Jim Johnson, O's former closer will replace Balfour. We signed Scott Kazmir, who was a beast years ago and is trying to get his career back on track, Oakland could be the perfect place to do it.
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  6. bro there isnt much farm worthwhile, they want our young arm future Marcum for Ike....and OH HELL NO!

    I'd rather the position suffer with Francisco for a few months until Sept callups come around, or depending on where we are at in July before the trade deadline. I want nothing to do with Ike lol, almost as much as i cringe every time some idiot fan talks about bringing Dunn over for 10 mil and one year.

    I'm just hopeful we take our 25 mil from MLB and use it to pad the farm back to where it should be.
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  7. Scott Kazmir was really good, I remember him as a kid coming up with the mets organization. I'm not sure what happened to him, but the A's have a way of reviving a guy.
  8. Hello fellow discussers. It's time for the Italian to discuss.
  9. Excited 'bout Ellsbury and McCann to the Yanks. Hope we make a deal with Tanaka from Japan.
  10. Can't believe we got McCann. Hope he does good for us.
  11. Former ECW champion Masato Tanaka? :yay:
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  12. Of course, lmao.
  13. Giants signing Tim Hudson I like it. 2014 will be our redemption year
  14. Hopefully his ankle is okay. Pretty nasty break
  15. Yeah, giants training staff is top notch so I have all the confidence in him and the staff to get him ready
  16. Brewers looking into a bunch of old arms for bullpen, looking like Balfour is out of our range. Marmol please.
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  17. I say sign tony plush again
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