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Discussion in 'Sports' started by Gman003, Oct 14, 2016.

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  1. Well, I figured I might aswell make this a thread. This is the sole reason I haven't been watching wwe for the past 2 weeks...Both of my teams are in the playoffs. And starting tonight they play each other in game 1. The winner of this seties advances to the world series.

    Although I am from ontario and I do hold the blue jays close, I've been a life long cleveland INDIANS fan. (That's right all you insensitive people...I said indians)
    So it's cleveland before everyone.
    That being said, I most definitely won't be mad if the blue jays win and advance. So regardless of the outcome I'm pumped for the world series because no matter what I'll have a favourite team there.

    But assuming Chicago Cubs win their series in the NL, it'll be a tough challenge for the AL winner.

    Anyone else following the post season?
  2. There's only one way I can answer that question:

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  3. In all seriousness though, good luck with this series and I hope you guys do make the world series. You had a hell of a season by the looks of things so it's definitely deserved.

    Lol its funny because my tribe and jays were not expected to win their alds but yet they both swept. Rangers and red sox.... who'da thunk...
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    Wow that was rude to dislike my comment because I'm a Cubs fan. :emoji_stuck_out_tongue: Nah, I'm just being silly. I have been touting a Cubs vs Cleveland series as being the best thing for baseball despite who wins. I definitely would never disparage you for your devotion to your team... a team I'm rooting for to win the AL Pennant.
  5. I think this World Series can be the most meaningful ever. We have two teams known for collapsing and bad luck and both could make it to the series.

    Over a decade ago, I would have said that a Cubs vs Red Sox series would have been best for baseball. Right now, though, a Cubs vs Indians series would be the best. I hope this happens because it will be one of the most meaningful series ever.
  6. Oh yeah it would be awesome that's for sure. 9 years ago tribe did choke against the sox in the alcs, up 3-1... then lost lol.

    Nah I am hoping that the cubs make it too, they deserve it
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  7. But the jays are tye definite underdog in this series. Almost choked themselves right out of the wildcard race in sept. Then they won in an emotional fashion, then went on to sweep the Rangers (although they honestly should have lost game 3. Tied it on a passed ball, won it on an error). I'm maybe more pumped for the alcs than the world series... Omg such a great time to be a fan of these 2 teams lol
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  8. In the Giants and Cubs game the other day, I almost had a heart attack... I thought, "Damn it, You fucking goat! "

    But yeah, I think you'll be nervous during the ALCS and I'll be drinking a mixture of vodka and pepto bismol during the NLCS.
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  9. Unfortunately I have to work tonight (fucking afternoon shift!!!) But luckily they'll have it broadcast on the radio for us. I'll definitely need to pick up some beer for tomorrow's game though.
    Nervous, not so much. Like I said I like both teams here, so I just hope it's a close series. Of course I would be happier with a cleveland win but if it's toronto that's fine too, I've followed them closer than indians this year since we don't have cleveland games on our tv anymore (for like the past decade or more lol) so I'll be fine with them winning. The nerves will come in the WS.
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  10. I haven't been following the NL side too closely either, but I'll try to for the CS
  11. I'll pick up a box of white wine myself. I'm not a beer guy, but I think these playoffs will be as nerve wracking as possible
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  12. Jays vs Indians tonight and as expected, I am pulling for the Jays to win the whole thing. They have a good chance, but they have to play smart (or just hit enough home runs)
  13. [​IMG]
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  14. So it's been over for a few hours now, but God damn what a game. I could only listen on the radio at work but it was still pretty close by the sounds of it. What a pitching duel. If that's how this series looks, it's going to be really close. That's the second shut out game for cleveland this post season too.

    Game 2 tomorrow at 4pm!

    Go Tribe!
  15. God damn!

    This alcs is so evenly matched it's ridiculous!

    So far without cleveland's top pitchers we're fairing rather well.

    Miller is a god. He's gotta be at 10 strikeouts against 12 batters this series. And he had 9 against Boston. He might be the key to success for us.
  16. God damn, I caught the end of the cubbies game. From 3-1 chi. That pinch hit grand slam was like hooooly shit. What a huge jack. Then the next pitch another homer.

    They look like the team to beat for sure.

    I'm nervous already for the WS lol
  17. Well, @Jacob Fox , looks as though our teams are facing off for the grand prize. May the best team win! And 1 of the 2 longest streaks end!

    I feel like this series is going to go the distance. Which if it does, Chicago should have an advantage pitching-wise.

    Unless our bullpen is as flawless as they've been up to this point. Our offence needs to get more than a couple runs per game. Cubs scored plenty of runs in this past series.
  18. It's pretty amazing that the World Series will be between the two longest title droughts. Though I, of course, prefer the Cubs winning, I will be happy for either city.

    Going into last night's game, I was pretty nervous. The way Kershaw and Rich Hill blanked the Cubs two games in a row, I pretty much thought we were done for. But watching what we did to Kershaw last night... I have no idea what to expect.

    Not sure how I will feel about the Series until it gets here. When I was a kid, I was a big Oakland fan and I saw them in three World Series in a row, so I know what it is like to have a team I like in the Series. But I am a much bigger Cubs fan than I ever was an Oakland fan. This will be a whole new experience. I sort of almost feel like it was more stressful getting to the World Series than actually being in it. For all intent and purposes, the "curse" was broken by getting there.

    I can't say I really know enough about the Indians to give an opinion at this point. It's been difficult enough keeping up with Cubs amid also keeping up with tons and tons of wrestling this year. But I'll try to learn as much as possible in the next few days. Looking very forward to seeing what happens next :emoji_slight_smile:
  19. That's how it was for me this year too, except once playoffs hit, no more wrestling until after world series. That's too much to try and keep up with. Having a baby and all, it's almost too much just watching ball.

    I haven't hardly kept up with the Indians this season, like I said their games don't get aired here anymore except when they play toronto. But what I do know is that they have a tight-knit team who seem to get along well, and a very deep bullpen. Who they've needed to lean on all playoffs as 3 of our starters are out.

    They say corasco and Salazar want to pitch the WS, but I'd do not push it. If they're not 100% they could fuck everything up.
    Put the rookie Merritt on the mound for game 3 or 4 (now with 14.1 IP in his big league career after his start vs toronto going 3.1 IP with only allowing 1 hit). Save Bauer for game 4 or 5 to give his finger more time to heal.

    I'm nervous playing the cubs. The run difference is like 45-27. Cubs win alot of their games by a mile it seems.
  20. I really don't know what to expect as I haven't really watched any games this year that aren't Cubs games. I would think that the thing you have to be nervous about the most is what we did to Kershaw last night. I was completely taken aback by that. I went into that game fully expecting a game 7. I mean, Kershaw is vicious. And we just dismantled him piece by piece. That was something and if it continues, I would think you have something to be nervous about.

    On the other hand, you guys are going to be a lot more well rested than we are. You can pretty much start any pitcher you want to. We're likely going to go with Arietta, which shouldn't be too intimidating. He hasn't pitched this post season like the Arietta from last year. You'll have at least two games, I believe, under your belt before you have to go up against Lester or Hendricks. Even in a 7 game series, you might not have to go up against both of them twice and that is a huge positive.

    Home field doesn't appear to mean much this year. LA only won one of their 3 home games. We also lost a home game with Hendricks pitching, so I think home or away won't make a big difference for either team. I don't know what an Indians crowd is like because I can't remember the last time I watched an Indians game.

    Both teams are teams that have a history of choking, although I think the Cubs have a more extensive history of it than the Indians. I also wouldn't be worried about the run differential if I was you. Our runs have been rather unevenly divided. When we win a game, we often win that one game by a wide margin... then the next day we might get shut out. So I don't think you should be nervous about that.

    I don't really know the psychological aspect will affect either team either. I mean, for the Cubs, we've seen "the curse" as getting to the World Series. So it's like we've finally broken it (I don't believe in curses myself, but there is a psychological reality that can manifest when you BELIEVE you are cursed). We might feel empowered to just start crushing it... or the weight of not winning a World Series since 1908 might have a stronger bearing on the game than we know.

    Either way, this is an exciting World Series. My dream series used to always be the Red Sox vs the Cubs, but I gave that up when the Sox finally won their Series. Ever since, as weird as this may sound, my dream series has been the Cubs and the Indians. I think this is going to be great for baseball because one of these two long suffering teams is finally going to stop suffering. I might go through several boxes of wine :emoji_wink:
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